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Thank you for your interest in KPU's Education Assistant Certificate Program. Listed below are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

*How many intakes does KPU offer?"

The EDAS Program intakes students for a September start. The full-time program is offered on the Langley campus and the part-time program is offered on the Surrey Campus. Applications are accepted for the September intake beginning October 1. Applications for selective entry programs MUST be submitted by MARCH 1 in order to be given priority in the selection process. Applications will only be accepted after the application cut-off (but before the start of classes), subject to space availability. Refer to the Application Deadlines page:

*What are the entrance requirements for this program?"

  • In addition to the Faculty's Admission Requirements, which consist of KPU's undergraduate English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply:

  • Approximately 100 hours of successful experience volunteering or working with children or youth, preferably in the schools (Applicants must submit two letters from employers or responsible persons in the community certifying this experience.) Details on this requirement can be found here: PDF icon Volunteer Hours Requirements.pdf
  • Attendance at an information session within the past two years of the intake date. Please see
  • Criminal Record review issued by the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General
  • If you are not a Canadian citizen, you are required to secure a Criminal Record Search with the Vulnerable Sector from your country of origin. Note that your Criminal Record Search must be mailed directly from the issuing agency to the KPU Admissions Office.

*What if I don't meet the 100 volunteering hours experience request?"

We understand that you may be experiencing difficulties in completing the requested volunteers hours given the current COVID-19 situation. To provide various volunteering options to prospect EDAS students, our Faculty performs one-on-one assessments for applicants who have not met the requested volunteer hours. The students will be evaluated based on their experiences during the summer and past work that could qualify as volunteering (E.g. babysitting, working on summer camps).

*What if I don't have Grade 12 English at a C+ or above?"

There are several English Testing options available to applicants in satisfying the English Proficiency Requirement. Please see the English Proficiency Requirements for Admission. KPU offers the KPU English Placement Test which can be used towards admission.  You can sign up online through KPU’s Assessment & Testing Services at Please reach out to our Future Student's Office (FSO) at to discuss alternative ways that students can upgrade to meet the requirement.

*If I have taken related courses at another institution, what do I do?"

If you have completed courses at another post-secondary educational institution, and wish to use those courses to satisfy program requirements at KPU or substitute for courses in the program, you must request sealed official transcripts to be sent directly to KPU.  To have your courses evaluated for transfer credit, be sure to request this when you apply for admission online at For more information regarding transfer credit, refer to *

When will you notify students whether or not they have a seat?"

Once the applicant has met the admission requirements for this program, a seat offer letter will be sent out, pending seat availability. The offer of admission begin going out by the end of January. 

*What is the schedule for the EDAS Program?"

This program consists of classroom study and two four-week, full-time practicums in the schools. The full-time program is offered over nine months, Monday through Friday (and one Saturday during the second term). Most classes are offered in the daytime. The part-time program is offered over two years in two evenings, Tue. and Thurs. (7:00-10:00pm) a week and approximately 2-3 Saturdays per month (9:00-3:00). It also includes two, four-week practicums in the schools. During the practicum, students are required to attend full-time days.

*Is this program transferable?

The EDAS Program is a credit program, consisting of 34 credits. Students are able to use their credits towards BA programs at KPU. Contact Arts Degree Advising for details.

*What is the minimum grade acceptable for each component of this program?

Students must achieve 60% (grade of C) or above in each course to progress to their final practicum.

*What is the cost of the program?

At present, the tuition cost is approximately $6,263.17 for the full-time program. Textbooks are approximately $670 per term/year. There are also varied miscellaneous costs such as transportation, pay parking at the KPU campus and supplies, such as binders, pens, pencils, etc. These prices are approximate costs and are subject to change without notice. Refer to the Tuition Estimator at

*Is there a payment plan set up for this program?

Currently, the approximate breakdown of payment for full-time students (may be subject to change) is as follows:

  • $500.00 – Confirmation deposit to accept the offer of admission (non-refundable)
  • $2,613.03 – Term one ($2,863.03 (includes medical/dental $179.00) less the $500.00 confirmation deposit)
  • $3,400.14 – Term two

Part-time students: Total tuition $6,442.15 (includes medical/dental) (Subject to change)

  • $500.00 – Confirmation deposit to accept the offer of admission (non-refundable)

The rest of the tuition will be broken down into 4 payments.

*Is funding available for this program?

Student loans are available for full-time students entering into this program. For further information, please contact SAFA (Student Awards & Financial Assistance) at 604-599-2400 or

*What are the employment opportunities available once completing the program?

Upon graduation, Education Assistants find employment in elementary and secondary schools in B.C. as teacher assistants supporting students with diverse learning, behavioral, and personal care needs. The role of a teacher assistant is an important one in supporting the inclusion of children with disabilities in their schools.

*What is the approximate wage?

The approximate wage for graduates of this program ranges from $18.00 to $26.00 per hour, depending upon the school district.

*Where will I be able to work?

The EDAS Program is recognized by all of the school districts in the lower mainland. As well, it is comparable to other post-secondary programs in the province, offering students transferability and mobility should they choose to move.

*If I need more information, whom do I contact?

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