Nikita Bhatty Avdic

M.Ed (University of Calgary) PGD (University of Saskatchewan) B.Ed (University of Saskatchewan)

I am a school psychologist with a Master of Education in School and Applied Child Psychology. I also have a teaching degree and a diploma in special education. I have been an educator for over 20 years. In special education settings, both as a school psychologist and special education teacher, I have worked with children between the ages of five and seventeen who experience behaviour and learning challenges as well as more complex developmental issues. My responsibilities as an educator have included providing reading intervention programs, fostering literacy and mathematics skills in students and developing individual educational plans (IEP). I have also worked collaboratively with school personnel to address the learning needs of each of my students.

Courses taught

  • EDAS 1101 Including Diverse Learners in Schools

Areas of Interest

Educational Psychology, Neuropsychology, Children’s Development, Cognitive Science, Teaching & Learning