Advanced 3D Animation and 3D Modelling Future Course Offerings

Course Plan Fall 2023 - Summer 2024: Please note that these courses and their delivery modes are subject to change; this information is provided only to facilitate your course planning. The registration guide and timetable is the only official source of our course offerings and the mode/location of delivery.

TermCoursesFall 2023Spring 2024Summer 2024
11120 3D Animation Principles and Techniquesxxx
11121 Introduction to 3D in Entertainment Artsxxx
11122 Perspective in Entertainment Artsxxx
11123 Cinematics for Animation and VFXxxx
21220 Introduction to 3D Animationxxx
21221 Introduction to Modelling in Entertainment Artsxxx
21222 Introduction to Texturing and Surfacingxxx
21223 Introduction to Computer Animation Production in Entertainment Artsxxx
31320 Intermediate 3D Animationxxx
31321 Intermediate Modelling in Entertainment Artsxxx
31322 Introduction to Sculpting in Entertainment Artsxxx
31323 Industry Preparation in Entertainment Artsxxx
42120 Visual Storytelling in 3D Animationxxx
42121 Rigging in Entertainment Artsxxx
42122 Advanced Modelling in Entertainment Artsxxx
42123 Advanced Texturing and Surfacingxxx
52220 Advanced Character Animation in Entertainment Arts xx
52221 LookDev and Lighting in Entertainment Arts xx
52222 Advanced Sculpting in Entertainment Arts xx
52223 Adavanced Computer Animation Production in Entertainment Arts xx
62321 3D Animation Project: Preproductionxxx
62322 3D Animation Project: Productionx x
62323 3D Animation Project: Production Finalsx x
62324 3D Animation Portfoliox x