Advanced Game Development Future Course Offerings

Course Plan Spring 2024 - Fall 2024: Please note that these courses and their delivery modes are subject to change; this information is provided only to facilitate your course planning. The registration guide and timetable is the only official source of our course offerings and the mode/location of delivery.

TermCoursesSpring 2024Summer 2024Fall 2024
11130 Game Designx x
11131 Technical Design in Game Developmentx x
11132 Environment Art in Game Developmentx x
11133 Introduction to Game Programmingx x
21230 Level Designxx 
21231 Visual Scripting in Game Developmentxx 
21232 Character Art in Game Developmentxx 
21233 Intermediate Game Programmingxx 
31330 UI and UX Design in Game Developmentxxx
31331 Rapid Prototyping in Game Developmentxxx
31332 Character Animation in Game Developmentxxx
31333 Advanced Game Programmingxxx
42130 System Design in Game Developmentxxx
42131 Introduction to Rapid Game Developmentxxx
42132 Technical Art in Game Developmentxxx
42133 Shaders and Rendering in Game Developmentxxx
52230 Storytelling and Narrative Design in Game Developmentxxx
52231 Advanced Rapid Game Developmentxxx
52232 Procedural Art in Game Developmentxxx
52233 Developing for XRxxx
62331 Game Industry Project: Preproduction xx
62332 Game Industry Project: First Production xx
62333 Game Industry Project: Production xx
62334 Game Industry Portfolio xx