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Declaring/Receiving the Credential

Declaring the Credential…

The Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies is available through regular course study in the Faculty of Arts.  Business courses are included in the program and students from the School of Business are also encouraged to take the Certificate in NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) and Nonprofit Studies. 

While you do not have to declare during study, that you are officially completing the Certificate, it helps our Advisors make sure you are on track with the program.

Receiving the Credential…

As soon as you finish your required courses, you can apply to receive the Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies. Fill out the Graduation Credential Request Form. This form will be processed and then sent for confirmation to KPU’s Senate meeting. The dates for the Senate meetings are available online so please process the form in a timely manner to ensure quick processing.

If you are continuing with your studies, you can receive the Certificate while you are still completing your Bachelor’s degree requirements. You do not have to attend Convocation to receive the Certificate, although you certainly can, if you would like.