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General Awards

IMPORTANT: The KPU General Awards online application closes today, Monday, March 16. Students who are unable to hand deliver their supporting documentation on campus, are asked to hold onto it until further notice. Instructions will be posted on our webpage at later this week. Please do not email it. 
For students who will be enrolled in Spring classes at KPU and planning to attend in the Fall 2020 term. Unless otherwise stated, all awards will be paid directly towards tuition by early October after the add/drop date and upon KPU Student Awards and Financial Assistance completing a confirmation of fall enrolment (with the exception of spring awards which are awarded as such).


Before completing the online application, please click here to read Important Information and Instructions. A minimum of one reference letter from a KPU instructor, or for volunteer/community activities, is strongly encouraged. Ensure all supporting documentation is received by the posted deadline and provided IN TRIPLICATE (make 3 copies of everything).

The information provided on the online form will be used to determine recipients for various scholarships, bursaries and awards offered by KPU throughout the year, which includes General and School of Business awards. Students only need to submit one online application in order to be considered for various awards.

Students selected for a scholarship, bursary or award will be notified by letter.  Please ensure your mailing address is kept up-to-date.

Please note: International students are not eligible for bursaries or awards whose criteria include financial need.

If you require help at any time during the application process, please contact Student Awards and Financial Assistance on any KPU campus, email or phone 604-599-2700.


NEW for 2020! Supporting documentation must be handed in as one package, held together with either a staple or clip, not in an envelope (unless it's a sealed reference letter), and be clearly labelled with your full name and KPU ID number on the top page.

Applicants must provide 3 copies of each supporting document submitted. Exceptions will be made for any reference letters provided to the student in a sealed envelope or sent by faculty directly to the Scholarships and Awards Coordinator.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit additional documentation in support of each online application. Documentation may include faculty references, volunteerism/community involvement references or other material the applicant feels is relevant to their application. In addition, the Awards Guide highlights specific requirement awards (ie., essays, proof of membership, etc.) The documentation MUST be clearly marked which Award it is intended for.

Supporting documentation (3 copies of each) must either be hand delivered or mailed to Student Awards and Financial Assistance on any KPU campus, on or before the posted deadline. Faxed or emailed copies will not be accepted with the exception of faculty reference letters which may be emailed directly to Teresa McLeod, Scholarships and Awards Coordinator at

Documentation must be recent (preference within the last 2 years) and incomplete applications will not be considered.


The Online Application is located by clicking on the "Apply Here" link below and logging into the KPU Online Self-service portal. Students require their KPU ID (student number) and password to log in. When logged in, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Student Menu”
  2. Click on  “Student Awards and Financial Assistance”
  3. Click on “Award Application”
  4. Ensuring that the Application Type you have selected is Spring Term 2020 – General Awards/Fall 2020, click “Apply” and begin completing the application. 
  5. Important – ensure you click “Yes” to the terms & conditions on the Personal Declaration page in order for your application to be submitted successfully.

KPU’s online awards guide contains important information such as complete descriptions of the awards that are available, terms of reference, award eligibility and student responsibilities. Click here to view the Awards Guide.