School of Horticulture Awards

Frequency: Annual Awards 
Opens: January 16 TBC; Closes: February 15 TBC
Decision/Release of Awards: April TBC    

Students currently enrolled in a School of Horticulture program can now apply online for consideration for various horticulture program awards. Email supporting reference letters to and ensure the file is labelled as your Last Name_First Name_HORT.

Please note: Students registered in Sustainable Agriculture, Farm Schools or a Brewing program, should apply for KPU General Awards.


  1. To start, go to your Online Self-Service (OSS) log-in page, or, click on APPLY HERE:
  2. Click on “Student Menu”
    Student Menu
  3. Click on “Student Awards and Financial Assistance” 
    Student Awards and Financial Assistance
  4. Click on “Web Application”
    award application
  5. On the Web Application page, look for the APPLICATION TYPE: Spring Term 202X>School of Horticulture Awards. Click on “Apply” and start your application.
    Web Application
  6. Fill out the form (online) making sure to complete all mandatory questions. If you get an *ERROR* review your form to check what mandatory question/s you may have missed.
    Mandatory questions
  7. IMPORTANT: When you get to the last page, click “Yes” to the Terms and Conditions on the Personal Declaration page to ensure successful submission of your application.
  8. You will receive confirmation that you have completed your application
  9. If submitted successfully, STATUS will change to Received. You may return and make changes to your application as long as the application period is open. Just ensure you click “Yes” to the Terms and Conditions on the Personal Declaration page to ensure your changes are saved and received.