Provincial Scholarship & Passport to Education Information

British Columbia Provincial Scholarships and Passports to Education are issued by the BC Ministry of Education upon completion of high school. They are intended to assist students with post-secondary tuition and fees.

The following scholarships and awards are available to Grade 12 students completing high school:

  • District / Authority Awards
  • Graduation Program Examinations Scholarship Program
  • Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship (PTES)
  • Passport to Education Program
  • Secondary School Apprenticeship Scholarships

How to Redeem Your Provincial Scholarship or Passport to Education

Students with a valid Provincial Scholarship or Passport to Education have until the expiry date listed on the scholarship voucher/passport to redeem their award.

If you have received a scholarship voucher/passport, it can be redeemed once you have registered in your courses and paid tuition and fees.

To redeem your voucher:

For more information on the Provincial Scholarship and Passport to Education program, click here.

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