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Public Relations

Applications for Fall 2020 are now open. Have questions? Contact our Future Students' Office at 604-599-3030 /


In a rapidly changing world, all kinds of organizations need help with communicating to the media, employees and the public. This includes private corporations, government and non-profit agencies, all of whom rely on trained public relations professionals to use communications strategy, tools and techniques to help build positive relationships with all of their stakeholders.

  • The Public Relations (PR) Diploma Program has responded to this challenge by providing in-depth training for the next wave of public relations professionals.
  • The KPU program is distinguished not only for providing the technical expertise to successfully work in PR, but also the strategic thinking and communications management that will help KPU grads to succeed and advance quickly within organizations.
  • The two-year program will appeal to people who are looking for a dynamic, fast-paced career where they will excel in all aspects of communications. Strong writing skills are emphasized in every course.

Some students enter the program with post-secondary experience or university degrees and are seeking specific marketable skills, or are changing career direction.

Others are high school students who have identified an interest in writing, communicating, or special event coordination and would like to develop a career that fits their interests.

PR will explore many aspects of communication in depth and the affect it has on the world we live in today.

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