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Public Relations

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“Public relations is the strategic management of relationships between an organization and its diverse publics, through the use of communication, to achieve mutual understanding, realize organizational goals and serve the public interest.”– Canadian Public Relations Society.

Public relations (PR) is an in-demand discipline that stands on its own, but also works closely with other important organizational functions, including business strategy, marketing, government relations and organizational communications. An important aspect of modern-day business, public relations courses can now be taken as electives, at both Surrey and Richmond campuses, to compliment and bolster business education programs. 

Successful PR practitioners are savvy communicators who combine elements of media production and journalism, with business strategy, design, marketing and branding. They are creative and strategic thinkers, who love figuring out ways to reach and persuade audiences.

Our well-rounded two-year PR diploma will appeal to you if:

  • You’re creative, and have a passion for communication and connecting with people;
  • You have strong reading and writing skills (or are willing to develop them);
  • You have a desire to make a positive impact on society through ethical communication;
  • You want a program that puts you on the path to both a diploma AND a degree.

KPU PR students learn the theory and practice of public relations, and develop their natural skills and abilities to become excellent communicators. Experiential learning projects and optional Co-op placements help to develop and reinforce a wide range of skills:

  • Planning strategic communications based on thorough research and evaluation;
  • Writing professionally for social media, print, online and broadcast;
  • Building and managing relationships with media and influencers;
  • Designing communication materials, taking photos, shooting video, producing podcasts;
  • Planning and executing events;
  • Managing issues and defusing crises;
  • Engaging stakeholders and consulting with communities;
  • Managing organizational communications and building organizational culture.

PR education at KPU is complemented by study in business fundamentals, Indigenous studies, ethics, marketing, and general electives. Graduates are prepared for careers in the growing field of PR and professional communications, or continuing their studies in a Bachelors of Business Administration (e.g. Marketing) or Bachelor of Arts degree program (e.g. Journalism or General Studies) at KPU.

Our cutting-edge curriculum is based on the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management’s Global Capabilities Framework and Global Body of Knowledge, and is developed and revised in consultation with an advisory committee consisting of top PR practitioners from industry, government and the nonprofit sector.

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