Co-op Program in Public Relations Diploma


You are eligible for Co-op if your program is "Business Undeclared - Public Relations Intended". You must still maintain the program entrance requirements at all times (see below) and you are required to declare your program prior to seeking a work term.

How to Apply

Applications for the Co-op program are accepted all year around. Full details can be found on the Apply to Co-op page.

Program Requirements

Please click here for a detailed description of the Co-op program requirements for the Diploma in Public Relations program.

"Maximum credits" means applying to Co-op prior to completing 30 credits. It's recommended to declare and apply for Co-op in your 1st year of studies. This gives you ample time to complete your work terms.

Explore the Co-op journey from entry to graduation and find the best path for completing your work terms. Please note that the options listed here are recommended, and there may be alternative paths to complete work terms while satisfying the continuance requirements.


General Program Information

Please click here for a detailed description of what you can expect from the Public Relations Diploma.

Public Relations Co-op Employment

Public Relations Co-op students are prepared for such roles as:

  • Communications and Media Relations Officer
  • Events Specialist
  • Digital Content Specialist
  • Content Writer
  • Public Information Officer

To learn more about the Diploma in Public Relations Co-op Program, please contact / 604-599-2465