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Co-operative Education Visual Guide

Visualize your path to Co-operative Education success with this comprehensive guide. Explore essential steps and additional information through the provided links. 

Co-op Entrance and Application

CO-OP 1101 Video

PDF iconVideo Transcript

This video has been created by the Career Development Centre to help prospective students understand the eligibility and process of entering the Co-op program at KPU. Check out Apply to Co-operative Education for next steps! 

If there are questions or comments regarding this video, please contact the Co-op office in the Career Development Centre at

Navigating Career Connection

CO-OP 1101 Video

PDF iconVideo Transcript

This video has been created by the Career Development Centre to help existing COOP 1101 students navigate Career Connection and begin the process of applying for Co-op jobs.

If there are questions or comments regarding this video, please contact the Co-op office in the Career Development Centre at

The Co-op Student Handbook provides guidelines to students participating in a Co-op option within their program. Participating Co-op students agree to abide by these guidelines. The guidelines contain definitions and procedures of Co-operative Education at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Procedures are subject to change as Co-op program at KPU evolves over time.
PDF iconJob Application Formatting GuideThis formatting guide includes several tips and tricks to help you throughout the development of your application documents (e.g. Resume and Cover Letter). As a Co-op students, or a job seeker in general, it is important to make a good first impression and often a company's first impression of a candidate is their application documents. So make sure you pay attention to the small details to ensure you make that first impression great!
Career ResourcesExplore the Career Development Centre's comprehensive list of resources to find valuable advice on choosing a career, planning your education, and securing employment. Simplify your career search and get the guidance you need!
New to Career Connection? Explore the tips sheet for guidance on using Career Connection for Co-op students! 



Logging into Career Connection Tutorial

Here is a quick video on how to log in for the first time, set up your profile, and search for jobs in Career Connection. 


Below is a list of commonly used forms for current Co-op students. These forms should only be used once directed to by the Co-op office or a Co-op Instructor.


Download the form here:


All Co-op students must sign the Co-operative Education Student Agreement form before proceeding in the Co-op program.

Submit the Co-op Student Agreement here

Submit Work Permit Letter Request


International students who completed COOP 1101 must submit a valid Co-op Work Permit before continuing with Co-op. Submit a request for a Work Permit Letter to apply for a Co-op Work Permit. Please note, only eligible KPU international students who have registered into a COOP 1101 course will be eligible for the Work Permit Letter. For any questions, please email

To apply for a new Co-op work permit, click here.

To apply for a Co-op work permit extension, click here.

Submit Work Permit


Once you have received your Co-op work permit, submit a copy of your work permit on the link provided.

Study Permit Extension Request


In order to apply for a work permit, International students must have a valid study permit. If your study permit is expiring and you need to extend it, please request a study permit extension letter from KPU International to apply for an extension.

To apply for a study permit extension, click here.

Co-op Work Term Late Registration Form

**Only use this form when directed to by the Co-op office

If you need to drop courses past the registration deadline, you will need to fill out a Co-op Work Term: Late Registration Form to avoid incurring tuition penalties or additional fees. 

Please Note:

  • Only Co-op students that have successfully secured a work term placement for the given term will be eligible to request and submit the form.
  • All courses being dropped must be done at the same time you are registered for your Co-op work term. We won't assist you with dropping courses penalty-free at a later date.
  • Additional courses you remain in are now your responsibility. 
  • It is also your responsibility to review co-requisites that may exist for the courses you are requesting to drop and speak to an academic advisor who can help determine your course planning, if required.  
  • The registration form can be found on the Student Enrolment Services website.

Reach out to the co-op office for questions and assistance in dropping your courses. 

Co-op Course Overload Form

**Only use this form when directed to by the Co-op office

If you are registered for more than 17.5 credits in a semester, you must complete a Co-op Course Overload Form.  The form must be initialled by your academic advisor and Co-op instructor, and signed by your employer and the Dean or Designate.

Please Note: If you wish to take additional courses with your work term, you need to discuss and obtain signatures from the following parties: 

  • Academic Advisor
  • Co-op instructor
  • Dean's Office  
  • Your employer prior to you registering for your Work Term

While the Co-op office does not recommend taking additional classes while on a work term, there may be certain circumstances that require you to do this. Please keep in mind that additional courses must not impact your work term schedule in any way.

Employer Evaluation FormStudents currently on a Co-op Work Term will have their employer complete this evaluation at the end of the term. A completed form must be sent directly to your Co-op instructor by the end of the term in order to receive a final grade. 
Co-op Removal Request

Complete the form to request withdrawal from the Co-op Program. Processing times for Co-op option removal may take up to 1 month. Please consider this timeframe in relation to your graduation application.

If you wish to be re-admitted to the Co-op program after requesting removal, you will need to reapply. Your application will be reviewed according to the posted dates and deadlines. If you plan to reapply, please contact us at so we can adjust your Career Connection account to enable your new application submission.



***If you notice that any of these forms are outdated or incorrect, please let our office know @