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Why Hire a Co-op Student?

Hiring a Co-op student isn't just beneficial to students - it's beneficial for your business too!

  • It's cost effective! You can fill a temporary position during staff absence or short-term projects
  • Co-op students are eager to display their expertise and show you how hard they can work
  • Co-op lets you test out a future employee before you hire them on a full-time basis; many companies hire full-time employees from their previous pool of co-op students
  • Hiring students is flexible - depending upon your business needs, work terms start in May, September or January; KPU Co-op has work terms that are 4 and 8 months in length
  • It's efficient! At KPU, when you make a co-op job offer our students have one business day to respond
  • It keeps your company on the leading edge of technology by employing students who are up-to-date with current trends
  • Co-op can help create a link between the employer and KPU; employers can provide valuable feedback about course curricula and content
  • Hiring a Co-op student gives a supervisor the opportunity to mentor bright and enthusiastic students

Our Co-op students are excited to gain valuable work experience that will compliment their academic studies. They are willing to fully apply themselves to the job using their knowledge gained in the classroom to the real life scenarios in the workplace.

Student Testimonial

"Joining Co-op was the best decision I ever made. Having completed three work terms, I developed key analytical and accounting skills to aid my personal development and confidence. Co-op allowed me to test the waters in both government organization and with the local employer, as well, it helped increase my professional network for job opportunities in the future. Co-op is such a valuable experience and will put you on top of the resumes stack when compared to all other students who just have a degree. What are you waiting for?" - Khuong Vu, KPU Accounting Co-op Student

"I love the fact that I got to make a difference in our society and environment every day of my Co-op work term. No matter how small my contributions are, I know that I am helping to change the way people think about our environment. now I get to bring the workshop and field experience and knowledge that I gained during my Co-op work term back to the classroom, enhancing my own education, as well as my classmates'" - Taylor Robbins, KPU EPT Co-op Student

Are you still unsure if a Co-op student could be a good fit for your company? Contact us!

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