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Joining the Co-op Program

Step 1: Attend a Co-op Information Session (Optional)

During the application period, a series of information sessions will be available for you to attend. These sessions provide an overview of the Co-op program, including its benefits, the application process, and requirements.

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Step 2: Check Your Eligibility and Declare Your Program

Review the programs that have a Co-op option and familiarize yourself with the Entrance Requirements of your chosen program. If uncertain about the Entrance Requirements to join Co-op, review the general guidelines below or reach out to us at

  • If you are already declared in a program that has a Co-op option,  proceed to the next step and apply to Co-op.  
  • If you are not yet declared, make sure to declare your major before applying. This can be done at or book an appointment with an advisor in your faculty.  
  • If you're a Diploma student in Marketing (MRKT), Computer Information Systems (CISY)*, or Public Relations (PR), you can apply for Co-op as an intended student, before formally declaring your major. Computer Information Systems Diploma students should refer to Credit Limits and Timing in next section. 

General Guidelines when Joining the Co-op Program

1. Academic Requirements

  • Good academic standing is crucial for Co-op. Make sure to maintain the minimum GPA specified by your program.

2. Credit Limits and Timing

  • Degree Programs: Consider applying for the Co-op program after accumulating 30 credits to ensure sufficient time to complete your required 3 work terms. You may apply at a later time however, be mindful of the maximum credit threshold set by your program when applying.

    If you're approaching the 90-credit mark, remember that you must complete COOP 1101 prior to earning 90 credits as part of the continuance requirements. Applications from students who've exceeded the 90-credit threshold may result in your application being declined. 

  • Specific Diploma Programs (Marketing Management, Computer Information Systems*, Public Relations): It's recommended to declare and apply for Co-op in your 1st year of studies prior to completing 30 credits. This gives you enough time to complete your required 2 work terms.
  • *Important updates for Diploma students in Computer Information Systems (CISY):
  • Post-Baccalaureate Diploma Students (Accounting, Human Resources Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management): Due to the short nature of the programs in Post-Bacc studies, it is highly recommended to apply as soon as you are accepted to the program. 

3. COOP 1101 Registration

  • Degree Program Students: Consider registering for COOP 1101 at least two semesters before you wish to secure a work term.  If you're nearing the 90-credit limit when joining Co-op, you must enroll in COOP 1101 during the intake term that you have been accepted to ensure there's enough time to complete all necessary work terms.
  • Specific Diploma Programs (Marketing, CISY, Public Relations): You must take COOP 1101 in your first year of studies, before completing 30 credits.
  • Post-Baccalaureate Diploma Students (Accounting, Human Resources Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management): You must take COOP 1101 before reaching 15 credits (ACCT and HRMT) or 12 credits (OSCM).

Step 3: Submit the Co-op Application Form

Submit your Co-op Application Form through Career Connection.

  • Sign in to Career Connection using your KPU student number and Online Self-Service (OSS) password. If this is your first time logging in, you will need to update your profile first.
  • From the homepage, go to the Co-operative Education button at the top, or go to your profile and select My Experiential Learning. Complete the necessary fields of the application form.
  • Once the form is complete, click Submit Application. Note: you will not receive a confirmation that your application has gone through. If your information is locked into the form, then the application has successfully been completed.

Apply to Co-op

The Co-op application window follows the Course Declaration schedule for the upcoming semester. Please check the Co-op dates and deadlines page for the next application window.

Step 4: Receive confirmation from the Co-op office

You will receive either of the following emails from the Co-op office explaining the result:

  • Your Application is Approved: The Co-op option will be added to your declared program. You're also now eligible to register for COOP 1101: Introduction to Professional and Career Readiness on or after your designated registration date. In case all seats are taken for the upcoming semester, it's critical to place yourself on the waitlist. This is the only way for us to determine if there's a need to add more sections for the term. If unsuccessful this time, you can try again in the next semester.
  • Your Application is Declined: You'll receive an email detailing the reason(s) for this outcome. If you're unsure about the reasons, refer to the Entrance Requirements for your program for clarity. Once you meet these requirements, feel free to reapply.

For questions or problems using the system, please contact us at

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