Hiring Process

Co-op Important Dates and Deadlines

Wrap-up datesSummer 2024 (Current term)Fall 2024Spring 2025
Last day for Co-op employers to post jobs for that termApril 28, 2024August 25, 2024Dec. 16, 2024
Last day for Co-op students to apply for Co-op jobs for that termMay 5, 2024Sept 1, 2024Dec. 20, 2024
Finalizing Co-op interviews and placements for the termMay 6 - May 17Sept 2 - Sept 20Jan. 2 - Jan. 15 2025
Co-op placement period closesMay 17, 2024Sept 20, 2024Jan. 15, 2025
Co-op work term periodMay - Aug 2024Sept - Dec 2024Jan - Apr 2025

All Co-op job are posted on our online job posting system Career Connection. This system is available to all students at KPU. The Co-op specific jobs will be available to only those students registered in the Co-op program.

How we Accept Co-op Jobs

There are 2 ways you can submit a Co-op job posting:

Visit our Post a Job page for full details. We will need to know specific information before the job can be posted (closing date, job description, location, etc.).

When can you Post a Co-op Job?

Co-op work terms coincide with the KPU semesters.

We recommend you post your opportunity during the following months:

  • January – April to hire for May
  • May – August to hire for September
  • September – December to hire for January

Collecting the Applications

All applications to your job posting(s) are collected through our online job posting system Career Connection. Once the job closes, our office will email you the list of applicants. The file will include all applicants including their required documents (cover letter, resume, transcripts. etc.).

How does the Interview Process work?

Once you have reviewed the list of applicants and are ready to interview, please contact the Co-op office - we can coordinate the interviews for you! You will need to provide the following:

  • Dates and times of the interview(s)
  • Interview Format and the approximate length
  • The location where the interview will be held (full address)
  • Who is conducting the interview? (include all names and titles)
  • Any other additional details (specific parking information, required documents to bring, etc.)

The Co-op office will communicate the interview times with the students and place them into the available time slots. Once all the students have confirmed their availability, an Interview Confirmation will be sent to the you with the list of students and the time slots assigned to them.

If you would prefer to schedule your own interviews that is OK too - we are always here to help!

**Please note the estimated turnaround time to schedule interviews is 24 - 48 hours. If you require a quick turnaround we will do our best to accommodate accordingly.

Interviews are Complete - Extending an Offer

When the interview process is complete and you are ready to hire, contact the Co-op office - we will connect you with the student (if you haven't already done so) to discuss the details of the position.

At this time we would also encourage your feedback on how the students performed in their interviews. This is a learning process for our students - any information on how they can improve will be beneficial in their education.

What are your responsibilities as the employer?

While the student is employed in your organization, there are some procedures that the Co-op office and you should follow to assist in the student's work integrated learning. 

Full details can be found in our Employer's Welcome document.

We also require employers to complete any pre-employment security clearances for their student hires before the work term officially begins. If security clearances are not completed beforehand, this can cause a student's work start date to be postponed, which affects their ability to complete their Co-op placement on time.