Mission Statement | Research & Knowledge Mobilization Day


The aim of the Annual Research & Knowledge Mobilization Day @ Kwantlen is to celebrate the contributions of the faculty and students to the production of knowledge and research in various fields of studies. This event is a space for the faculty and students from all the departments and programs at Kwantlen to participate and share their current and past research projects and curricular and pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning with the wider community. This one day event aims at bringing the diverse programs and departments at Kwantlen to showcase the depth of scholarship and pedagogical approaches to undergraduate studies in fields as diverse as trades and technology, arts, sciences, design, health and community, horticulture, Academic & Career Preparation, fine arts, music, and modern languages.

Our mission is to advance research and inter- and multi-disciplinary knowledge, to encourage scholarly inquiries that highlight innovative approaches to polytechnic education, and to explore how programs and services at Kwantlen could serve the interests of various communities, locally and globally. We believe we need to act collectively to establish Kwantlen as a leader in promoting polytechnic education in Canada and across the globe. This event will serve as a space to educate ourselves about the types of research and scholarship that faculty members,staff, and students are involved in and how our interests in various areas of knowledge and inquiries can serve the collective goal of establishing Kwantlen as a comprehensive undergraduate institution that provides a comprehensive and inter- and multi-disciplinary education.

For more information about the 1st Annual Research & Mobilization Day, click here.

For more information, contact:
Leslee Birch at: leslee.birch@kwantlen.ca 

Office of Research and Scholarship
The Centre for Global & Multicentric Education (CGME)