Day of Convocation

When You Arrive

Graduands should proceed to the gowning rooms in the Cedar Building Conference Centre to sign-in and receive their gown and regalia. Only graduands are permitted in the gowning room.

Gowning rooms will be open 90 minutes before the ceremony, and all Graduands must be signed in and gowned 45 minutes before the start of the ceremony. Early arrival is recommended to avoid delays. Please plan ahead for potential weather and traffic delays.

The Gowning Room

In the gowning room, you will receive a ceremony card with your graduation number and your name. The card number designates your position in the processional and your name as it will be announced as you cross the stage. It is important that you keep this card with you at all times and do not crumple or crease the card. If you lose the card, please advise a staff member in a blue gown immediately.

After gowning you must report to the designated line-up area in the Convocation Hall, located in the Surrey Main Atrium 45 minutes before the start of the ceremony in order to assemble for the processional.

Graduates must return their gown to gowning room no later than 1 hour after the ceremony ends.

The Auditorium

There is no secured storage space available in the Auditorium (or Gowning Room), so it is recommended that your leave personal items such as purses and coats with your family/guests.

The Procession

For each ceremony, students will first assemble in the Convocation Hall, located in Surrey Main, in order to prepare for the procession. Forty-five minutes prior to the start time of the ceremony, the procession lines will have been formed, and the marshal will explain the procedure for the procession. Each procession line is led by a marshal to the Auditorium where you will be directed to your seats. Your position in the procession lines is decided by your required order of appearance when you cross the stage. You MUST therefore remain in your own line and in your original position in that line. Once the ceremony has completed, graduates remain in their places until a marshal directs the formation of a recession to leave the building.

Need Assistance?

Convocation volunteers, recognizable by their blue gowns, will be located throughout the campus to help guide you and offer any assistance you may require.