February 2024 Convocation Student Awards

Oliver Cook

President’s Outstanding Graduate Award (Bachelor’s Degree Program)
Tuesday, February 27 - Morning Ceremony

Oliver Cook has been a student at KPU since September 2018, when he enrolled in the Horticulture Technology Diploma Program. Driven by his deep connection to nature, he pursued a Bachelor of Horticulture Science with a Major in Urban Ecosystems and a Minor in Plant Health. He is passionate about learning how landscapes can improve human health, creating sustainable infrastructure and enhancing the economy.

For Cook, horticulture is a way to interpret nature and understand the world. He developed a passion for it in high school while gardening and landscaping. In his spare time, Cook enjoys exploring nature on a deeper level by going on multi-day hikes.

Aside from his schoolwork, Cook contributes to his community through volunteering. He is an active volunteer for Metro Vancouver Regional Parks and participates in various conservation efforts including invasive species removal, restoration workshops and bird monitoring programs. He is an ambassador and a board member for the Derby Reach and Brae Island Park Association, leading educational walks and annual events and contributing to projects that promote environmental awareness and restoration activities.

Cook’s dedication and discipline have earned him multiple awards, including the George E. Housser Endowed Memorial Award, Horticulture Endowed Scholarship and West Vancouver Garden Club Endowed Award, among others. For Cook, this award, along with other recognitions he has received, serves as a testament to his commitment and passion for horticulture. It reflects his desire to use his knowledge and skills to improve the environment and our communities.

Cook aspires to become a landscape designer specializing in public and civil projects. His five-year goal is to design and maintain gardens for local municipalities, with a longer-term goal of working on large- scale public development projects as a horticulture specialist and garden designer. He is excited about influencing sustainable development projects to create resilient, healthy and biodiverse communities, applying his knowledge of plant species and ecological principles.

King Lee

President’s Outstanding Graduate Award (Diploma Program)
Monday, February 26 - Morning Ceremony

An international student from Hong Kong, King Lee has been studying at KPU since September 2022. Despite the challenges of adapting to a
new cultural context and academic requirements, Lee has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to learning. He embarked on a learning journey in Canada after a long track record of academic achievements and professional experience.

Lee brings a rich academic record, including an MBA and an MSc in Information Systems Management from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, earned in 2005. He held key managerial positions in learning and development functions at Towngas, Oriental Overseas Container Liner and MTR Corporation. The corporate innovation program
he led in 2022 won the globally acclaimed ATD Excellence in Practice Award.

At KPU, Lee has demonstrated high academic achievement and dedicated himself to serving others. His background and experience have allowed him to effectively tutor over eighty students in Introductory Accounting and Economics. He also volunteered as a Peer Tutor for the post-graduate Digital Transformation and Change Management course, providing guidance and advice for students on their research projects.

Lee’s commitment to service extends beyond the KPU community. While studying in the Intermediate Financial Accounting course, he also supported a small business with its accounting practices, applying the accounting concepts he learned at KPU to real-world scenarios. Outside the classroom, Lee is a Scout Leader for the 33rd Kerrisdale Scouting Group.

Lee’s plans to pursue roles in HR and Change Management demonstrate his ambition and drive to contribute to the Canadian business landscape. His tireless efforts to build bridges and foster understanding embody the spirit of lifelong learning and community service.