About | FAST Finance Reporting

FAST (FAST Administration Support Tool) by Millennium Computer Systems is a suite of tools developed specifically for the higher education market. FAST provides web-based reporting that can be accessed wherever there is internet access.

FAST Finance Reporting was the first module developed in this suite. It provides self-service decentralized access to financial information in order to help users monitor their financial/budget status. Information can also be downloaded into Excel to enable users to further analyze their financial information in order to make better decisions. Information is downloaded on a daily overnight basis from both the Banner Finance and Banner Payroll modules into the FAST database.

Some of the key features of FAST Finance Reporting are:

  • Financial reports that will allow you to drill down to transaction details and payroll details
  • Reports summarized by any field in the Chart of Accounts, and at any level, including drill down/roll up capability of organization details to and from institutional/divisional/departmental levels
  • Flexible date parameters that allow queries on information within a date range or a specific monthly period (not only limited to current year-to-date information or prior fiscal information as at year-end)
  • Flexible data parameters that allow queries on any fund/organization/account/program/activity code and/or combination as long as you have been granted access
  • Comparative and trend reports
  • Query on documents and document types
  • Query on invoices
  • Query on transaction details
  • FAST utilizes integrated security to ensure that users only see the reports and information to which they have been granted access.