FAST (Financial Administration Support Tool) by Millennium Computer Systems is a suite of tools developed specifically for the higher education market. FAST provides web-based reporting that can be accessed wherever there is internet access.

The FAST Purchase Card (FAST PCard) application provides secure central access to tools that help you manage Kwantlen's US Bank/Royal Bank Purchasing Cards. Transactions are downloaded on a daily overnight basis from US Bank/Royal Bank into the FAST database. These transactions can then be viewed in the FAST PCard module for editing.

Some of the key features of FAST PCard are:

  • Web-based access to monitor/edit VISA transactions from any computer with internet access
  • The ability to edit and charge transactions to different Fund/Orgn/Accts (FOAPAL codes)
  • To split transactions between more than one FOAPAL code(s)
  • View transactions as "Commitments" in FAST Financial Reporting to help monitor budgets
  • Uses integrated security to ensure that users only see the information to which they have been granted access



*NOTE* New FAST PCard Deadlines and Changes

To access FAST PCard click the following link: FASTPORTAL

To apply for a Visa One Card (PCard) or to increase your current limit please visit Finance Forms section of the Financial Services website