Frequently Asked Questions

What type of degree do I need to qualify for admission? 

  • Applicants are required to have a recognized undergraduate degree in any discipline. For full details on admission requirements to the BSN-AE program, please visit the University Calendar

How competitive is it to get in?

  • Admission selection for the BSN-AE program is based on first qualified, first offered.  As this is a high demand program, it is best to submit your application and all transcripts as early as possible. 

What is the waitlist like?

  • KPU maintains an admissions waitlist of qualified applicants for each intake.  The waitlist will vary dependent on the admission pool for each intake.

I completed my Masters in the last 6 years, but my Bachelors over 10 years ago. Do I qualify for this program?

  • To be considered for the BSN-AE program, applicants are required to have completed a recognized undergraduate degree within the last 6 years from the term of admission, as these courses form part of the BSN-AE degree requirements. 
  • A graduate degree will not be considered towards the degree admission requirement. 

What if I have a diploma in Nursing?

  • Students with a nursing diploma, and no undergraduate degree, are currently not eligible for this program. 

Can I work while taking the program? 

  • This program is a professional-level full time program that requires full time effort.
  • The time is flexible for most courses.
  • Many students do combine part time work with their studies, but it requires discipline and dedication in order to do both successfully.

Can I complete the program part time?

  • No. This program is only offered on a condensed full time basis.

Is this program online?

  • This is what is known as a blended program. The majority of the theory courses are completed online, providing some flexibility in scheduling.
  • Other courses are completed on-campus and in various healthcare settings in the community.

What technology do I need to have to take this program?

  • Students require the following technology:
  •  Personal computer (desktop or laptop);
  •  Internet Connection
  •  Apple or android tablet (Latest model recommended);
  •  Selected apps (a required list will be provided)


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