Frequently Asked Questions


What is the waitlist like?

  • KPU maintains an admissions waitlist of qualified applicants for each intake.  The waitlist will vary dependent on the admission pool for each intake.

In what terms will my classes be in session?

  • If you begin the BSN Program in the Fall (September) term, your classes will be in session in the Fall (September) and Spring (January) terms, with the Summer (May) term off. If you begin the BSN Program in the Spring (January) term, your classes will be in session in the Spring (January) and Summer (May) terms, with the Fall (September) term off.

How competitive is it to get in?

  • The BSN program is very popular and therefore very competitive to get into.

What do I do if I'm still in high school?

  • High school students interested in the Nursing program can begin their undergraduate studies to acquire the courses needed for admission for the BSN by studying under our Arts or Science faculty. KPU’s Future Students Office is available to help guide you through the process.

Does KPU Health offer the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)?

  • No, KPU does not offer LPN.  The Faculty of Health offers a variety of programs listed on the Faculty of Health website.

I've done my LPN, can I transfer into the third (3rd) year of this program?

I am a mature student - do the same prerequisites apply to me?

  • Yes. All applicants are required to meet the stated admission requirements to be considered for the program.

I've done 1, 2, or 3 years of Nursing at another post-secondary institution - can I transfer into the KPU BSN program?

  • Transfers are considered on an individual basis by our Faculty of Health Admissions Committee.
  • To pursue this option, contact

When do I complete my Standard First Aid with CPR HCP (Health Care Provider) or CPR BLS (Basic Life Support) & Immunization Form?

  • Qualified applicants who are provided an offer of admission will be asked to submit these documents by a given deadline.  We encourage applicants to have all of these requirements ready and completed early.