Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

  • The Health Care Assistant program is completed in two (2) semesters.

What is the curricular format for HCAP?

  • Students will have a variety of experiences over the program length, including classroom, laboratory, simulations, complex care, community and home support facilities. Curricular format may also incorporate online learning.

  • Students will be expected to do both daytime and evening shifts as part of their practice experiences.

  • The final five (5) weeks of the program will be full-time work experience.

What is the minimum grade acceptable for each course of this program?

  • HCA students are required to satisfy continuance requirements to remain in the program, and the curricular requirements to graduate from the program as stated in the university calendar.  

I've done my 1st semester of a Health Care Assistant program at another post-secondary institution. Can I continue into the 2nd semester at KPU?

How competitive is it to get in?

  • Admission selection for the HCA program is based on first qualified, first offered.  It is best to submit your application and all transcripts as early as possible. 

What is the waitlist like?

  • KPU maintains an admissions waitlist of qualified applicants for each intake.  The waitlist will vary dependent on the admission pool for each intake.