Office of the Dean, Faculty of Health


Sharmen Lee, Dean


(p) 604.599.2263

Sarah Beasleigh, Associate Dean


(p) 604.599.2266

Christy Jahn, Divisional Business Manager 


(p) 604.599.2919

Melika Bahadori, Administrative Coordinator


(p) 604.599.2432

Analita Nand, Administrative Assistant

Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing, Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture


(p) 604.599.2333

Donna Bailey, Administrative Assistant

Graduate Nurse Internationally Educated Re-entry, Healthcare Assistant


(p) 604-599-3238

Lina Melo, Administrative Assistant

Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Advanced Entry


(p) 604-599-2912

Youstena Soliman, Administrative Assistant 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing


(p) 604-599-3383

Patricia 'Trish' Toth, Clinical Placement Liaison

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Advanced Entry, Graduate Nurse Internationally Educated


(p) 604.599.2963

Erica Lilburn, Clinical Placement Liaison (on leave)

Tara Landsley-Sutherland, interim Clinical Placement Liason

Healthcare Assistant Placement, Traditional Chinese Medicine- Acupuncture Placement, Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing

Samantha Harold, Communications & Events Coordinator
Borna Toroghi,  Communications & Events Coordinator

Davinder Cheema, Dean's Assistant 
(p) 604.599.2102