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District of 100 Mile House Official Community Plan Bylaw NO. 1289

District of 100 Mile House Official Community Plan Bylaw NO. 1289


Topic Sub-topic Policy or Policy Excerpt Document Location Language Rating
urban-agriculture conflict/ edge planning;  buffer at agricultural edge; Encourage new subdivisions, which abut lands designated Agriculture and are used for grazing, to provide perimeter fencing to strengthen the buffer between agricultural and non-agricultural uses. 10.5.1  

urban-agriculture conflict/ edge planning;

development and productive use of agricultural land;

  Evaluate new developments in respect to their implications and impacts on the agricultural uses in the area. 10.5.2  

urban-agriculture conflict/ edge planning;


 buffer at agricultural edge; Encourage new non-agricultural developments, adjacent to lands designated for Agriculture to provide and maintain a distinct buffer in the form of setbacks, fencing or landscaping that is consistent with Ministry of Agriculture Guidelines and take advantage of naturally occurring buffers, such as roads, topographic features, watercourses and transitional land uses such as rural residential parcels. 10.5.3  

development and productive use of agricultural land;

policy partnerships, advocacy and development;

roads in agricultural land;


Encourage provincial and utility agencies to minimize the impact of new roads and utility corridors through agricultural land by utilizing only those lands necessary, and by maximizing the capacity of existing corridors and roads. 10.5.4  
economic development;   Support the agricultural industry by considering the establishment of economic strategies that promote the industry, and identify new farm markets. 10.5.5  

food processing, storage, and distribution;

economic development;

food processing;


Support the agricultural and rural economy by encouraging secondary “value added” uses such as agri-tourism, and secondary processing of products produced on site through home occupations. 10.5.6 *
urban agriculture;

urban gardens/orchard;

amenity density zoning/contributions;

residential development;

Examine ways of expanding the amount of space dedicated to community gardens such as encouraging community gardens in new subdivisions and as part of multifamily
residential developments.
food sales, access, and procurement;

farmers' markets;

Continue to support and promote a Farmers Market within 100 Mile House. 10.5.8  
policy partnerships, advocacy and development; partnerships/advocacy/liaising; Work with agricultural producers and support organizations, including the Agricultural Enterprise Development Centre, in the South Cariboo to advance the principles of food systems planning and agricultural enterprises. 10.5.9  
education; community food system education; Work with stakeholders to support education programs on local food production and gardening. 10.5.10  
economic development;

farm diversification;


Support the production and processing of hemp and other sustainable crops as a means of diversifying the agricultural land base in the South Cariboo. 10.5.11 *
policy partnerships, advocacy and development;

climate change and greenhouse gases;


Recognize climate change will impact the agricultural sector and work with stakeholders to undertake sustainable and adaptive action including opportunities for diversification. 10.5.12 *

Municipality or First Nation

100 Mile House


roads in agricultural land
buffer at agricultural edge
food processing
amenity density zoning/contributions
community food system education
farm diversification
climate change and greenhouse gases
farmers' markets
urban gardens/orchard
residential development



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Official Community Plan


Development and Productive use of Agricultural Land
Economic Development
Food Processing, Storage & Distribution
Food Sales, Access & Procurement
Policy Partnerships, Advocacy & Development
Urban - Agriculture Conflict & Edge Planning

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