About ISH

Kwantlen's Institute for Sustainable Horticulture (ISH) was created in 2004 to be a partnership of academia with B.C.'s horticultural industries and the community to support British Columbia in meeting demands for a higher level of sustainability and environmental responsibility from horticulture, silviculture, forestry, and urban landscapes. We understand "sustainable horticulture" as a system built on the pillars of environment, economy and culture: a system in which:

  • Resources are kept in balance through conservation, recycling and or renewal

  • Practices preserve horticultural resources and prevent environmental degradation to the site of use as well as off-site land 

  • Production, profits and incentives remain at acceptable levels

  • Community is an integral part of the system

Priority Areas:

  • Develop Bioproducts

  • Sustain and Improve Ecosystem Health

  • Share Knowledge

  • Contribute to KPU

  • Nurture Our Innovative and Sustainable Applied Research Institute

Our Goals:

  • Provide more innovative and effective biological products for use in agriculture and landscape management

  • Strengthen the resilience of agriculture and landscape management

  • Provide opportunities to connect and share research and knowledge

  • Support KPU's goals in research, partnerships, community engagement, and experiential learning for students

  • Pursue excellence in research and knowledge sharing by cultivating an effective and cohesive team


Dendrobium loddigesii
Dendrobium fimbriatum
Dendrobium parishii

Horticulture is the intensive cultivation of fruit, nut, vegetable, herb and ornamental plants for human use; food, medicinal and aesthetic.