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The ISH Research Greenhouse is a  600 m2 venlo style greenhouse that opened in 2011. It has double polycarbonate external walls and a 4mm thick glass roof. It contains 4 compartments of 125 m2, configured for conducting randomized replicated studies.

Each compartment contains:

  • 6 hanging troughs that are 14 meters in length
  • 40 high pressure sodium lights
  • 6 horizontal fans
  • vertical curtains for light abatement
  • screen shades to protect crops during high radiation periods
  • 3 irrigation lines with separate daily tanks allowing for 3 separate nutrient recipes/treatments 
  • misting system to help regulate temperature and humididty

Pepper Crop   Tomato Crop

The ISH greenhouse is operated and monitored through the Argus TITAN Control System with a Single Nutrient Injection System for irrigation.

It is heated using a gas boiler and geothermal system depending on weather conditions and heat demands. The greenhouse is also equipped with solar panels (Photovoltaic system) that supply part of the electricity and hot water demand.

One compartment has complete blackout curtains for special projects such as supplemental lighting or different photoperiods.

Greenhouse Corridor from the front Cherry Tomatoes ISH Greenhouse   Greenhouse Corridor from the back   

Compartment from Outside  Pepper Crop