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Competency Mapping Examples

Mapping Competencies onto Portfolio Artifacts:
Examples from the KEPI Institute 

As part of the Surrey Portfolio Pathway Paternship, we worked with Grade 12 students from the Surrey School District to create exemplar portfolios. These portfolios consist of existing artifacts from their high school years, as well as reflections on their accomplishments outside of the classroom.

Here, we showcase the variety of competencies shown within these artifacts. First and second-year learning outcomes from KPU courses are mapped onto the artifacts, with each different color representing a different department.

KEPI Example 2 - Volunteer (2).JPG

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KEPI Example 3 - Panel reflection.JPG kepi example 8 brain KEPI EXample 10 - Math.JPG
KEPI Example 9 - Short story comparison.JPG kepi example 4 - math kepi example 7 - psych
kepi example 3 - video KEPI Example 1 - Brain.JPG kepi example 6 - poetry