Week 4: Reflecting for Success

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Well done! You made it to week 4; this means that we are through about one fourth of the semester. By now, you should have already started and maybe even completed your first assignment, and perhaps are preparing for your first midterm.

Hopefully, you are pleased with any marks you have received so far, if not, do not worry! Your first assignment is a great way to evaluate where you stand in terms of understanding course material. From here, you should begin to analyze where you need to improve and what you need to do in order to work towards the mark that you want.

If you are unsure about where you went wrong, try asking your instructor. Take note of what your instructor says and work on correcting your understanding. If you need help with improving your understanding of course concepts, make sure to see a learning strategist or a tutor. 

For this week, focus on:

  • Completing your assignments
  • Reflecting on your level of understanding
  • Improving upon your academic skills (example: writing)

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Create an individual learning plan Key questions for learning success Critical thinking Use an error log (grammar)

Watch: How to use an error log  What does an essay look like?  Active listening Write a strong thesis statement

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