Bachelor of Business Administration: Entrepreneurial Leadership


Graduates of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Entrepreneurial Leadership program are entrepreneurs who create value for their organizations, and their world, by finding innovative ways to solve problems and add value sustainably. Some of them change the world by creating a new organization. Others find an organization that they really admire, and then join the leadership there to continue to make great things happen. 

KPU’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (“ENTR”) Program has recently undergone a renewal process to modernize the curriculum for today’s learners. This is a student-focused program with a strong emphasis on sustainability & experiential learning. Students receiving their BBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership are prepared to manage, lead, and inspire in any organizational setting.

Extensive consultation was conducted with industry and alumni, and current ENTR students undertook a lead role in redesigning this program to ensure its appeal, applicability, and relevance in today’s world.

Many of the courses in the program are articulated with other universities and colleges for ease of course transferability to and from KPU. Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide at regarding the transferability of courses to and from specific institutions in British Columbia.

A program for future leaders 

The new program is thoroughly integrated with the United Nations’ PRME Principles (Principles of Responsible Management) as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”).

The ENTR Program Learning Outcomes are based in four simple, yet powerful themes:

  • Know Thyself: Entrepreneurial Identity 
  • Create Opportunities 
  • Mobilize 
  • Grow

ENTR students are creators and collaborators in their own education: they are empowered to change the world in the capacity most important to them: from entrepreneurial ventures, to non-profit organizations. In Phase One of the program students will focus on Exploration & Discovery to uncover their passions and ideas; in Phase Two they learn how to take their vision and find a way to Make it Unique; in Phase Three they determine how to Make it Viable; and in Phase Four they set out to Make it Happen.

Guiding Principles 

The ENTR Program was designed to uphold and deliver on the following principles:

  • Provide student flexibility with online, blended, and face to face course offerings 
  • Support students in charting their own learning journey with fewer pre-requisites and a wider range of courses available year-long 
  • Support student agency and individual choice through Universal Design for Learning (“UDL”) features
  • Improve accessibility through extensive use of open educational resources (“OERs”) in ENTR courses thereby reducing or eliminating the cost of all textbooks, labs, and other expenses incurred by students.
  • Foster meaningful engagement and student development through open pedagogy learning activities and assessment 

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Entrepreneurial Leadership program find careers in enterprise development, management, non-profit organizations, and leadership roles in a variety of settings including their own entrepreneurial ventures. During their experiential learning journey throughout the program, Entrepreneurial Leadership graduates have become part of their industry community and have gained the skills and knowledge to successfully develop, manage and lead their own entrepreneurial endeavors in organizations they create, and within the fortunate organizations they choose to join.

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