How to Register for the Legal Administrative Studies Program using Block Registration

Please read this page carefully and in detail.

Students in the Legal Administrative Studies Program will register for their Fall 2024 Term 1 courses using Block Registration. Block Registration means that you are able to register for all your required courses with one click.  Here is how to do it.

Things to know

  • The Registration App can be accessed either by the Register for Classes icon on or by clicking the Registration link in your online self-service account at
  • To check your registration date and time, select Prepare for Registration from the Registration App landing page

Step 1

Once your registration date and time arrive, it’s time to register.  From the Registration App landing page, select the Register for Classes link


Step 2

Select the Fall 2023 term in the drop down menu


Step 3

If you have been assigned a block code for the Fall 2024 term, you will see the Blocks tab.  If you do not see a Blocks tab, please contact for assistance.

Click on the Blocks tab.


This is where you will choose the block of courses you would like to register for; there are two different options available. 

Step 4

Scroll down to review the times and days for all the sections. When you have decided which schedule you want, click on the radio button beside a Suggested Block or Alternative Block and click the Submit button.  (Note that the times and dates below are just samples).

lgla blocks

If any one or more of the courses in a block is full, do not choose that block as you will only be registered in the sections that have seats available. 


Step 5

Click Submit.

Once you have clicked the submit button, you can view your registration in the Summary window; your schedule will display in the Schedule Details window.  Please note that you are only fully registered when you see the green Registered icon under Registration Status in your Summary window.


Congratulations! You are now registered in all the courses you need for the Fall term in the Legal Administrative Studies program.  Now that you are registered, do not remove individual sections. If you would like to change to a different block of courses, simply choose another block and click submit.

If you need to drop or withdraw from individual sections, you may do so in the “Find Classes” tab, but it is encouraged to see an Academic Advisor prior to making changes.