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Meet a Student Success Coach for academic advising on Post Baccalaureate and Graduate Diplomas, as well as for career planning and coaching.

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    Moon Wang
    Student Success Coach


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    Vanessa Leal
    Student Success Coach


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    Jaskirat Kaur
    Student Success Coach


  • Why Meet a Student Success Coach?

    • Navigating learning related support.
    • Academic Advising on Post Baccalaureate & Graduate Diplomas.
    • Navigating university policies and submitting requests to the Dean's Office.
    • Gaining referrals to other consulting services.
    • Career exploration and development, including a strategic individualized plan to support your long-term employment goals.
    • Providing formal or informal personality type assessments (such as Personality Dimensions) and discussing and interpreting results in a one-on-one meeting.
    • Coaching through all related job search tools and techniques (Resume, Cover Letter, Portfolios, personal branding on social media).
    • Professional communication and understanding different workplace cultures.
    • Connecting to potential employers and networking events.
  • Lilian Truong
    BBA Marketing Management Graduate

    "The Student Success Coach I've met was a phenomenal support in guiding me through the job search process. They have a passion in helping students and I felt supported during my transition of being a student to a full-time worker. Their experience in the business sector shows through their professionalism, advice and knowledge. I would recommend any student to see a coach."

  • Chelsea Nurse
    BBA Marketing Management

    "After visiting a Student success coach only twice I knew the next steps I needed to reach my career objectives. I truly would not have achieved the job I have today if it wasn't for their continual support and amazing career expertise."

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  • Hina Okazaki Kuae
    Technical Consultant at Delphi Group (Hina recently earned a Graduate Diploma in Green Business Management and Sustainability, with distinction, and was valedictorian)

    "All students can benefit from the career development services. It doesn’t matter if you have many years of work experience or none, or if you are an international or not. I was advised by a coach many times and it was very helpful. As I was new to Canada and everything was new to me, it was good to know that we could access this type of resource and support at KPU.  Some examples of support were: work on my first semester schedule, learn and improve my resume and cover letter, prepare for job interviews (mock interviews), and job references."

  • Rajdeep Kaur
    KPU Alumni and Staff Accountant at KPMG

    "When one of the former KPU Post Baccalaureate Accounting students encouraged me to review my resume and cover letter with a Student Success Coach, I was pretty down. I was applying for accounting positions but wasn’t getting any interviews. After working on my resume and cover letter with a coach it was so magical. The phone started ringing and I was now worried about presenting myself well in job interviews, but they consistently supported my preparation and even conducted a couple of mock interviews with me. They explained how to answer certain behavioral questions, addressed my concerns with kindness, and their contribution in getting my contract with KPMG is huge. I am really very grateful to my coach and I highly recommend that all Post Baccalaureate students start working with one as early in their program as possible."

  • Osman Akkaşoğlu
    Market Researcher at Advanced Intelligent Systems (Osman recently earned a Graduate Diploma in Green Business Management and Sustainability, with distinction)

    "Working with a Student Success Coach, helped me identify my strongest skills and this genuine mentorship was so valuable to both my academic and career success. They guided me to balance my career skills with experiential learning and supported my transition throughout my time at KPU and into employment. In my opinion, a business graduate student should meet a coach immediately after starting the program. Considering the potential challenges one may face in a new educational environment, working with a coach can reduce possible frustrations and set a new student for a really successful path."

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