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Business Degree Advising

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How can we help you?

Academic Advising Team

Tracey Bowles

Tracey Bowles, Administrative Coordinator, Academic Advising

Tiffany Valle Anaya

Tiffany Valle Anaya, Degree Advisor

Degree Advisor

Masako Ishihara, Degree Advisor

Employment & Career Support

Student Success Coach

Michaela Fengstad, Success Coach, Degree Students

Magdalena Mot

Magdalena Mot, Success Coach, Post Baccalaureate & Graduate Diploma 

Student Success Coach

Waheed Taiwo, Success Coach, Post Baccalaureate & Graduate Diploma

What do you do?

Degree Advisors help guide 3rd and 4th year students with 45 credits or more through the various Business programs available to them. We keep you on track to getting your degree!

We are available to answer questions on:

  • Course planning and selection
  • Major and Minor choices
  • Program Declarations
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Program & Graduation requirements
  • Academic regulations & policies
  • Academic Learning supports
  • Educational planning for career goals

New students with less than 45 credits should book an appointment with Central Advising.

Why should I come see you?

Advisors are a helpful resource in guiding you through your program. It’s important that students continue to check in regarding program requirements and changes.

Advisors are also a resource for students that have questions about program declaration, transfer credit and upgrading.

We recommend visiting an advisor at least every second semester of your program.

How do I book an appointment?

Out of an abundance of caution with the evolving COVID -19 situation, all appointments will be conducted via phone 

Individual appointments to meet with us can be made using Advisor Connect. Once your appointment in booked, you will receive an email confirmation with further details on where you are to go for your meeting.

You don't have to make a trip! You may specify any appointment to be over the phone by indicating this in the notes as well as a contact number to reach you at the specified time.  There may also be scheduled appointment times that are strictly indicated as phone appointments.

Click here, for a step by step process on how to book an advising appointment.

Still need more information? Click here to send us a message

Can I just drop by?

Out of an abundance of caution with the evolving COVID -19 situation, all appointments will be conducted via phone and booked through Advisor Connect. There are no in person drop ins during this time.

Surrey Campus REGULAR DROP-INs:

Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:00 pm-3:00pm: Surrey Campus, Main Building, Room 206

Richmond Campus REGULAR DROP-INs:
Wednesdays 1:00 pm-3:00pm: Richmond Campus, Counselling and Advising, room 1560

Drop In's for Post Bacc students:
Wednesdays 1pm - 3pm - Civic Plaza (13485 Central Ave - Report to 6th Floor Reception)

Please note the drop-in schedule is subject to change.

Drop-in advising is a brief consultation to get short answers to one or two questions. Drop-ins are not intended for students with complex questions or questions that require a detailed review of the student's academic history, including graduation checks. Situations like these require a 30 minute appointment and you will be referred to book in Advisor Connect should you have an inquiry of this nature.

We recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the drop-in session. You will sign in and be seen by an advisor on a first come first-served basis. Only a limited number of spots are available; if all spots are full you will need to come back during the next scheduled session. Please note that drop-ins are very busy during the first two weeks of registration, just before the start of a semester and during the first two weeks of classes. You are encouraged to arrive early during these busy times.

During busy times we often schedule drop-ins more frequently and can give you this information when you call the Business Degree Advising Centre at 604-599-3051.

Where can I start looking for information myself?

For information on Degree programs, course descriptions, and prerequisites:
KPU University Calendar

To see which courses are being offered this semester, as well as dates and times:
KPU University Timetables

Forms and documents for download, including Transfer Credit, Admissions, and Registration:
Student Enrolment Services

Browse through Departments, and find out about upcoming Events:

Course Planning & Selection

This inquiry cannot be answered by email as it requires an advisor to look through your student record and verify what program requirements are affected by this course. Please make an appointment and we would be happy to assist you with course planning.

Do you know about My Action Plan (MAP)?

MAP is a tool for students to track completion of program requirements and map their route to graduation. Use MAP to plan courses ahead of time and enroll in courses. For more information, or to log in,

I already have a degree but I would like to take courses for the CPA accounting designation

Please book an appointment with one of our Student Success Coaches through  Advisor Connect or contact her directly at

I am pursuing a post-baccalaureate/graduate program

Please book an appointment with one of our Student Success Coaches through Advisor Connect or contact her directly at

I am not yet a student but interested in a business degree

Our business advisors see students in their 3rd and 4th year of their degree programs. If you have not yet applied to KPU and have questions about programs, admission requirements or how to apply, the Future Student’s Office is the place to start,

Declaring my program

It’s important to formally declare your program well in advance of registering for 3rd year courses. Remaining undeclared may restrict your registration.

Program declaration can be done online providing you have not declared previously. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the deadlines. For more information please visit

Alternatively, a Request for Declaration can be submitted to  provided you have completed 15 credit hours and are in good academic standing.

For further information on declaring your program, please see 

Withdrawing from a course

It is your responsibility as a student to be aware of university policies and regulations. 

There is a difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course. Whether or not fees will be reversed from withdrawing from a course is dependent on when the withdrawal was done. For more information on Fee Deadlines and Refund periods, please click  here.

Repeating a course

Students may register for the same course a maximum of two times. A student who withdrawals will be considered to have registered if the withdrawal occurs during the period when a grade of W is assigned. The policy applies to all registrations, whether courses were successfully completed or not.

It is important to submit this request well in advance of the registration period. Approval is not always granted and an appointment with an Academic Advisor may be required. This could extend the processing time. If granted, approval is for one semester only. If you do not register for this course you must submit a new request for a future semester.

The Request to a Repeat a Course form can be found here. This form can be submitted to KPU Student Enrolment Services, We will email your KPU email with the outcome of your request.

Transfer of Credits

If you are transferring from another institution and wish to have credits formally recognized at KPU you are required to submit a Transfer Credit Request form. The Transfer Credit process can take 4-6 weeks so be sure to submit your request well in time of registration.

For more information please click here.

The BC Transfer Guide is a great resource to find equivalent courses between institutions within BC, however, in order to have credits formally recognized a Request for Transfer Credit is required.

Graduation Check

A graduation check is not a service our advisors provide over email. Please book an appointment with an Educational Advisor to determine if you are eligible to graduate. They will look through the program and university requirements to complete your program. Book your appointment on-line through Advisor Connect.

Academic Status (Academic warning, probation or required to withdrawal)

Whether you are on academic warning, probation or required to withdrawal, it is best to meet with an advisor in person to plan for a successful future with KPU. Please visit Advisor Connect to make your appointment. 

Late registration

Students are able to request registration to a class even after registration closes, providing there are seats available.

  • After the first week of classes, instructors signature is required
  • After the third week of classes, instructor and Dean signatures are required.
  • After the eight week of classes, instructor, Dean and Registrar signatures are required.

Permission to Register Form

How can I contact you?

If you have general questions please call 604-599-3251

If you wish to book an appointment, you may call or book through advisorconnect

Still need more information? Email us at 





is a well-rounded business professional who: 


KPU SoB Advising Info.jpg

  • Is a high performing team member, who can identify and spark change in their organizations
  • Communicate effectively in a variety of situations and audiences - use English professionally when speaking and writing   
  • Are job-ready, willing to learn and eager to contribute where their employer needs them, knowing that career success is built on results
  • Can think critically and support their decisions with sound business principles, appropriate research and specialized, practical expertise in specific business disciplines
  • Can present a business case for the initiatives they recommend
  • Demonstrate strong analytical skills integrating their financial literacy, business expertise and breadth of knowledge to consider the big picture, in an increasingly global environment
  • Perform in a social, environmental and ethical manner

Set a path for graduation

As you migrate through your final academic years, there are many experiences that will help enhance your career. Follow the pathway here and you’ll emerge not only a School of Business Graduate but one who is ready to make their mark as a leader, innovator or entrepreneur.


For general questions please email or book an appointment on-line through Advisor Connect.

If your program is not listed, please visit Central Advising for assistance.

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