MultiPass Exemption Application

March 11, 2024Summer 2024 MultiPass exemption applications open.
May 19, 2024Summer 2024 deadline to submit MultiPass exemption application and all supporting documentation. 

Please ensure you pay for all of your tuition and fees, including the Multi-pass fees, by the Fee Payment Deadline to ensure you do not incur late penalties.

Students who are approved for an exemption will have the charges reversed by the end of May.

Students in non-term based programs, such as Trades programs, may submit applications on an ongoing basis. The application deadline is the second Friday after the first day of your course(s).

Important Information

  • MutliPass exemption applications are only accepted under the following reasons:
    • U-Pass from another institution: Students who hold a valid U-Pass BC from another post-secondary institution within Metro Vancouver.
    • Existing Transit Pass: Students who hold a valid, non-transferable Translink employee, government, or disability Compass Card that is valid within Metro Vancouver for the duration of their study period.
    • Disability: Students who are permanently or temporarily disabled and whose physical or cognitive barriers cannot be accommodated using the U-Pass.
    • Geographic Hardship: Students living outside of Metro Vancouver or over 1500 metres from the nearest TransLink access point.
    • Music Hardship: Students required to carry very large instruments as part of their KPU program requirements.
    • Employment Vehicle: Students required to insure and operate a vehicle insured for business use (only ICBC rate classes 007 or 027 will be considered).
  • A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of your application (re-submit your application if you do not receive a confirmation email). Submitting a MultiPass exemption application does not guarantee that your application will be approved
  • Be sure to include all necessary supporting documents. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • Check your KPU student email account for all communications regarding your exemption application.
  • Exemptions cannot be considered once you activate your U-Pass BC benefit for the term/study period. 
  • Exemption applications are accepted every term within the stated timelines. 
  • You will need to apply for an exemption each term/study period.  Approvals are only applicable for one term/study period. 

The overall total of exemptions that KPU can grant is limited contractually by TransLink.  As such, in the event exemption requests exceed the allowable limit, not all eligible students may be granted the exemption.  Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. 

If you are a KPU student experiencing financial hardship or significant personal obligations, you may qualify to receive the KSA MultiPass Hardship Bursary. For more information, please email or visit

For questions or information about MultiPass Exemption Applications, please email

For more information regarding the KSA MultiPass, please visit

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