MultiPass Eligibility

Who is eligible?

The KPU MultiPass program follows the same eligibility requirement of the U-Pass BC program which is mandatory for all eligible students. An eligible student is anyone who is enrolled in at least three credits and paying KSA student union fees for the academic term. At KPU this means that the majority of students are deemed eligible for the U-Pass BC, including Trades apprentices and ACP programs.

NOTE: Late registrants must wait until the day following registration prior to picking up their U-Pass BC.

Who is not eligible?

Students in Continuing/Professional Studies courses, fully online/distance courses, offsite classes, outbound exchange students and seniors approved for a fee exemption are excluded from eligibility for the U-Pass BC program. Co-operative education work term credits do not meet the three credit minimum required for U-Pass BC eligibility. Some other categories of students such as KPU staff and high school dual credit students are also ineligible.

Which months will I get?

Students registered in traditional semesters, fall, spring, and summer, will normally be assessed and be eligible for each of the four months in the semester.

  • Fall: September, October, November, and December
  • Spring: January, February, March, and April
  • Summer: May, June, July, and August

Students registered in courses that have non-traditional start dates and/or end dates, such as the Trades programs, will be assessed and eligible for each month in which:

  • the start date is before the 15th of the month; and
  • the end date is on the 15th of the month or later.

Who can apply for exemption from the MultiPass program?

Provisions have been made for individual students to request exemption from eligibility in the MultiPass program. Students must submit a complete application with all required supporting documentation by the posted deadline to be considered for an exemption. Qualified exemption spaces are limited. Grounds for exemption are:

  • Students who hold a valid U-Pass BC from another post-secondary institution within Metro Vancouver for the duration of their study period.
  • Students who hold a valid, non-transferable Translink employee, government, or disability Compass Card that is valid within Metro Vancouver for the duration of their study period.
  • Students who are permanently or temporarily disabled and whose physical or cognitive barriers cannot be accommodated using the U-Pass.
  • Students living outside of Metro Vancouver or over 1500 metres from the nearest TransLink access point.
  • Students required to carry very large instruments as part of their KPU program requirements.
  • Students required to insure and operate a vehicle insured for business use (e.g. ICBC rate class 007 or 027) for the duration of their study period.

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