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Network to Eliminate Violence in Relationships

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Welcome to the NEVR website!

Here, you will find our campaign news, upcoming events, as well as links to various NEVR platforms, and initiatives. NEVR members include service providers, educators, police, justice and government. The Network to Eliminate Violence in Relationships (NEVR) campaigns to work toward the ultimate goal of eliminating violence in relationships in our community. NEVR will focus on all aspects of relationship violence; physical, sexual, emotional and financial, and its effects on all members of the family and the community. Relationships include intimate partners, adults and seniors & children within families. We will:  

•         Engage the support and commitment from all stakeholders through education, awareness, advocacy and collaboration.

•         Create a forum for the coordination of open and efficient service delivery and public policy.  We will establish a resource repository for service providers, community leaders, educators and government bodies. 

•         Work with the various components of the media to help us deliver the message:  “VIOLENCE IN REALTIONSHIPS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IN OUR COMMUNITY”.

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NEVR Statement on uncovering of unmarked graves 

Our hearts go out to all Indigenous communities  impacted by Canada’s  residential institutions  with the confirmation of  the plight of their loved ones. This systemic erasure of culture through the residential school system is  a devastating discovery  impacting  Turtle Island’s history forever.  Elder Lekeyten states “one child represents always more than 7 generations of the mother and father. This is a loss that is larger than anyone knows.”  Wife of Lekeyten, Cheryl Gabriel, Education Coordinator Kwantlen First Nation notes “It is important that truth is revealed. “The children within the graves are wanting to be recognized and go home to their ancestors.” We stand in solidarity with indigenous peoples and support real actions. The time is now to act to address the needs of survivors, prevent further trauma and abuse by implementing the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Final Report and Calls to Action (2015).


NEVR had a very informative conference June 2,3,4. You may listen to the conference on the NEVR youtube channel The conference was on the court court system and ways to improve- the report is being written with recommendations- it will be shared widely when available.


Congratulations to NEVR Founder and Facilitator Dr. Balbir Gurm for being awarded two YWCA Awards: Women of Distinction Community Champion and Connecting the Community. Listen to Dr. Alan Davis, President KPU, talk about Dr. Gurm.


 RV Released by NEVR Members!


Title: Making Sense of a Global Pandemic: Relationship Violence & Working Together Towards a Violence Free Society

Description: This on-line book provides a wealth of information on relationship violence focusing amongst other things on definitions; the scope of the problem, theoretical frameworks, interventions and prevention strategies. It provides information on legal statutes (Provincial; Federal and International) and contains numerous links to additional resources to inform the reader. The book also highlights some emerging issues such as the importance of cultural safety; relationship violence in the work place and on post-secondary campuses

Authors: Balbir Gurm, Glaucia Salgado, Jennifer Marchbank, and Sheila Early

Read for free at