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Pink Book 2019

The pink book is a directory of all services related to relationship violence in the Surrey/Delta/White Rock area.  The agencies and programs descriptions are also on a searchable Google map. See Pink Book Map

Community Champions Toolkit

This Tool Kit is a resource that has been designed to provide awareness and information on how best to recognize the signs of relationship violence, how to safely respond to that violence and how to support someone experiencing violence. 

Domestic Violence Toolkit for Bartenders and Salon Professionals

This toolkit was prepared for the Network to Eliminate Violence in Relationships. It was created as part of a student project within the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (BSN) at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU). Dr. Balbir Gurm, Nursing Faculty, supervised this project, and students were mentored and supported by Melissa Granum of the Delta Police Department and by Jim Cessford, former Delta Police Chief. This toolkit is based on an earlier toolkit that was created by KPU BSN-PB students who were supervised by Dr. Balbir Gurm, Nursing Faculty and mentored and supported by Sobhana Daniel, Executive Director, Provincial Office of Domestic Violence.  Click here to access the toolkit 

Domestic Violence Toolkit for Healthcare Providers in BC

This is a student project for Nursing 5610 in the BSN-PB program for Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) supervised by Dr. Balbir Gurm, Nursing Faculty at KPU, and supported by Sobhana Daniel, Executive Director at the Provincial Office of Domestic Violence (PODV).

Early Years Toolkit

This is a toolkit created by the government along with partners for working with the young children.

Early Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence Click on name to access

Helpful Apps 

Below are download links to free iTunes apps that promote healthy relationships. 

1. R3 Project Courage 
The R3 App, which stands for Recognize, Respond and Refer, is the first mobile domestic abuse screening tool in the U.S. and the leverages the research based HITS screening tool created 13 years ago and used across the globe.

2. YWCA Safety Siren
YWCA offers users a unique utility siren which can be activated by either the pressing the safety button or by shaking an iPod or iTouch. The app also offers Canadian health and safety information geared toward young women, including: short questions and answers about women’s health and wellness, particularly focused on dating and social interaction; tips and facts on safety and wellbeing; links to YWCAs across Canada as well as health and crisis resource centres; and SOS urgent email and phone functionality to a friend or family member when the user is in an unsafe situation. 

3. SOS Response 
When activated, it automatically sends valuable authenticated images (30 photos in 30 seconds), your GPS location and a time stamp to a designated professional monitoring center. Perfect for work-alone situations where safety and liability concerns exist, trained operators use these real-time visuals to instantly assess and deploy the appropriate response, whether that be emergency services (police, fire or ambulance), a guard, or others you designate.

4. My Plan App - Safety Planning *NEW*
The danger level of a relationship can be difficult to assess. The My Plan App helps women and their friends to determine if a relationship is unsafe and create an action plan to leave safely

Other Resources: 

Positive and supportive relationships tips and strategies 

Healthy Relationships Cards

Family Violence Courts: Issues and Trends in North America

Domestic Violence Courts and 8 Critical Components

Facts about Domestic Violence

Understanding Abuse from Multiple Perspectives

Dr. Sheley Ross Address to Love Hurts Conference
Domestic Violence and Screening
Responding to Gender Based Violence: The Role of the Medical System

BC Justice Reform Initiative: A Criminal Justice System for the 21 st Century

BC’s Domestic Violence Plan

Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Handbook for Early Childhood Educators

Violence Against Women Handbook 

The Harpreet Singh Show - Dr. Balbir Gurm interview 1 of 2 

The Harpreet Singh Show - Dr. Balbir Gurm interview 2 of 2 

Link to Youth and Healthy Relationships

Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave by Leslie Morgan Steiner

Battered Women's Support Services

The Facts on Dating Violence in Youth Relationships

Youth Ending Violence

Future Without Violence

Domestic Violence and Strangulation Policy – Brigham and Women’s Hospital. 01/2013

BWSS Guide to the New Family Law Act – Implications for Battered Women

National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence (HRC)

Kaiser Permanente, Family Violence Prevention Program

CDC's Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence Victimization Assessment Instruments for Use in Healthcare Settings

International Association of Forensic Nurses

NEVR Conference 2012 - Presenter Geoffrey Cowper
Geoffrey Cowper: Q.C., partner and senior counsel at international law firm Fasken Martineau, is a highly respected litigator.  Called to the B.C. bar in 1982, he is known for his work in many areas of law.  Mr.Cowper has served on four commissions including Chairing the BC Justice Reform Initiative that was just competed this year.  He has also served on the boards of a number of community, charitable and legal organizations and provided public lectures on a variety of topics.

NEVR Conference - Presenter Simon Thomson
Simon Thomson: Mr. Thomson was called to the bar in 1994 and worked in private practice until he joined the Criminal Justice Branch March 2009 as a Crown Counsel.  He has worked on the front line and helped develop and create a Domestic Violence team in the Abbotsford Crown office.  In April 2012 he returned to the trial team and now helps prosecute high risk domestic violence trials.  He has helped develop best practices for Domestic Violence and presented his paper at the 2011 Crown Conference Counsel.

NEVR Conference - 2012 - Presenters: Cory Heavener & Sobhana Daniel
Cory Heavener: Heavener is currently the Provincial Director of Domestic Violence and was appointed on March 26, 2012.  The immediate responsibility for the Head of the Provincial Office of Domestic Violence will be to focus on identifying the gaps in policies, practices and services across government that support children and families experiencing domestic violence.  Cory Heavener lead the development of an action plan for domestic violence in collaboration with a team of six deputy ministers that responded to the recommendations made by the Representative in the Schoenborn report.  Cory Heavener, was previously the Director of Critical Inquiry and Death Reviews and Investigations for the Office of the Representative for Children and Youth.

Domestic Violence Assessment and Screening

Domestic Violence Evidence Project

Integrated Domestic Violence Court

Dr. Sheley Ross Address to Love Hurts Conference

SMART Powerpoint NEVR Workshop