Careers & Alumni

Career Opportunities

There is a growing awareness around issues of agricultural sustainability, food security and local food systems in our community. Completing the farm school program will help prepare you for a career in food systems, whether that means operating your own farm, working with non-profit food organizations, or becoming a food advocate and educator in the community. Whether it's in your local community or at the provincial/federal level, the demand for experts in agriculture and food production industry is increasing. In the past years, students in this program have successfully started their own farm operations, worked for other farms, or for a variety of other organizations in the agri-food industry.

Career opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Farm Owner-Operator
  • Farm Manager
  • Head Farmer or Farm Worker
  • Program coordinator
  • Education coordinator
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Instructor
  • Food Distributor
  • Food Procurer

Alumni Stories:

Our first farm school cohorts graduated from the Richmond Farm School in 2010 and Tsawwassen Farm School in 2015. Some alumni have pursued a career and lifestyle in farming, and some have gone on to working in other aspects of the food system.

Where are our graduates now?