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Access Exams

Access (Accommodated) Exams are when a student uses Accommodations to write a quiz, test, mid-term, or final exam for a KPU course. You are encouraged to contact Accessibility Services to discuss an Accommodation Plan with an Advisor.

Accommodations are changes in when, where, or how you complete an exam. Accommodations may be used for class tests, mid-terms, finals, and supplemental tests. They may also be used for placement tests, out-of-town tests, and trades or technology tests.

Some examples of Accommodations for exams include:

  • Alternate Formats - such as audio, e-text, or large print
  • Extended Exam Time – additional time to complete an exam
  • Distraction Reduced – exams are booked in a room where visual and auditory distractions are reduced
  • Technology – use of computer, calculators, spell-check, or specific software
  • Reader or Scribe – a technology or person who reads a text aloud or writes your responses.

When you receive your Course Outline at the beginning of the semester; book your quizzes, midterms and final exam. All access exam requests must be booked a minimum of two weeks in advance of the testing date.

Book your Access Exam

You must have an accommodations plan before scheduling an access exam. Please contact Accessibility Services to speak with an advisor.