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Work-Integrated Learning

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) is a purposeful, planned and assessed work-based experience that comes in many forms, including practicum courses, co-ops, service learning, and more. At KPU, students have the opportunity to integrate learning with its application in employment and/or community settings.

For employers, hiring students can bring new ideas that companies need. These experiences may lead to the hiring of future employees. For students, WIL experiences are an opportunity to practice what you have learned in class and apply it in workplace and/or community settings. These hands-on experiences can facilitate networking as you introduce yourself to prospective future employers and/or community leaders.

Ways that partners can engage with students

Ways that students can engage with partners

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Work-Integrated Learning at KPU

Work-Integrated Learning Options

Work-Integrated Learning options can include service learning (short, unpaid), experiential learning (hands-on, paid and unpaid), field schools, practicum, and co-op (paid).

Faculty of Arts

Programs With Multiple Work-Integrated Learning Options

  • Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology
  • Bachelor of Arts, Criminology
  • Bachelor of Arts, General Studies (includes Arts Practicum)
  • Bachelor of Arts, History
  • Bachelor of Arts, Policy Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Certificate in Education Assistant
  • Certificate in NGO & Non-profit Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts, Applied Geography

Programs With One Work-Integrated Learning Option

  • Bachelor of Arts, Asian Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts, English
  • Bachelor of Journalism
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

Programs With Studio/Lab Work, Focused Research Options

  • Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing
  • Bachelor of Music in Musical Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts, Major in Philosophy

Faculty of Health

Programs With Multiple Work-Integrated Learning Options

  • Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Advanced Entry
  • Graduate Nurse, Internationally Educated Re-entry
  • Certificate in Health Care Assistant
  • Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine — Acupuncture

Melville School of Business

Programs With Multiple Work-Integrated Learning Options

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Leadership (Co-op options)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Human Resources Management (Co-op options)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing Management (Co-op options)
  • Diploma in Public Relations (Co-op options)
  • Diploma in Computer Information Systems (Co-op options)

Programs With One Work-Integrated Learning Option

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting (Co-op options)
  • Certificate in Legal Administrative Studies
  • Bachelor of Technology, Information Technology (Co-op options)

Wilson School of Design

Programs With Multiple Work-Integrated Learning Options

  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Design, Fashion & Technology
  • Bachelor of Design, Graphic Design for Marketing
  • Diploma in Fashion Marketing
  • Bachelor of Product Design

Programs With One Work-Integrated Learning Option

  • Certificate of Foundations in Design
  • Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Technical Apparel Design

Faculty of Science and Horticulture

Programs With Multiple Work-Integrated Learning Options

  • Bachelor of Horticulture Science, Plant Health
  • Bachelor of Horticulture Science, Urban Ecosystems
  • Bachelor of Science, Physics for Modern Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology
  • Diploma, Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Technologies (Co-op options)
  • Diploma in Brewing and Brewery Operations
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Sustainable Agriculture
  • Diploma of Technology, Environmental Protection (Co-op options)
  • Bachelor of Horticulture Science, Plant Health
  • Bachelor of Horticulture Science, Urban Ecosystems
  • Diploma in Horticulture Technology
  • Diploma in Horticulture Technology, Specializations: Landscape Horticulture Systems
  • Diploma in Horticulture Technology, Sustainable Production Horticulture
  • Diploma in Horticulture Technology, Turf Management Landscape
  • Horticulture Apprenticeship

Programs With One Work-Integrated Learning Option

  • Bachelor of Science, Major in Health Science

Programs With Studio/Lab Work, Focused Research Options

  • Bachelor of science, Applications of Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology
  • Certificate in Engineering (First Year)

Faculty of Trades and Technology

Programs With Multiple Work-Integrated Learning Options

  • Certificate in Appliance Service Technician
  • Certificate in Automotive Service Technician
  • Certificate in Farrier Science        
  • Diploma in Mechatronics and Advanced Manufacturing Technology         

Programs with mandated, significant Technical Training Hours

  • Certificate in Appliance Service Technician
  • Certificate in Automotive Service Technician
  • Citation in Carpentry/Building Construction
  • Citation in Construction Electrician
  • Citation in Masonry
  • Citation in Metal Fabrication
  • Citation in Industrial Mechanic/Millwright
  • Citation in Parts, Warehousing, Logistics and Distribution
  • Citation in Plumbing
  • Certificate in Welding     

Specialty Programs

Programs With One Work-Integrated Learning Option

  • Diploma in Mechatronics and Advanced
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Certificate in Farrier Science
  • Employment and Community Studies

Faculty Showcase

Faculty of Health

Student Stories: April Holland

"I have always had an interest in health promotion and helping others, and psychiatric nursing at KPU was the perfect fit. A year into my program at KPU I had to take time away from my studies. It was a challenge, but it helped me learn how to balance my priorities and it sparked a personal interest in student health, which is actually tied to my master’s thesis. Now, I’m a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, and back at KPU as a faculty member. The university has always been extremely supportive of me, even after I finished ‘paying tuition’."

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Wilson School of Design

Wilson School of Design Blog: Technical Apparel Alumni Spotlight: Thiago Bazzi

Meet Thiago Bazzi, Product Developer at Arc’teryx, as he shares how the Technical Apparel program at The Wilson School of Design elevated his design knowledge and career.

Check out more Alumni stories:


Faculty of Science and Horticulture

KPU Brew 

KPU Brewing students come from diverse backgrounds and have more than just a passion for craft beer.

They demonstrate a deep interest in science in areas such as biology, chemistry, engineering and technology, as well as areas like business, marketing and food.

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Biology & Health Science

Student Spotlight: Rimi Afroze

When I was preparing to return to my education, I applied to several universities. I chose KPU, ultimately, as most of my previous credits could be transferred and there was a community feeling here. I’m amazed by the encouragement and support I’ve received in my journey at KPU. People from every sphere of the university, whether they’re faculty, staff, or students are truly inspiring, helpful, and they motivate others. If you bring your thought to light, KPU will make it an action.

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CADD Technologies

This program prepares students for a career as a CADD/Drafting Technician. Using the most advanced CADD (Computer Aided Design Drafting) software, students will learn to produce drawings from concept sketches, design information, codes and specifications as per industry standards for production by builders and manufacturers.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Connect your passions with skills to build a career that contributes to a more sustainable food system. From science and engineering to policy and business, knowledge can make you a powerful force for change. Program graduates find work not only in agriculture, but also in fields as diverse as planning and development, resource management, research, politics, government, non-government organizations, and other related businesses.

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Physics tells us why the sky is blue, what light is, and how our universe formed. Physics also fuels the amazing leaps of human creativity that give us devices like smartphones, GPS units, MRI machines, and countless others. These innovations exist because someone--a person like you--studied physics and figured out something new about how our universe works. The Physics Department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University invites you to follow in their footsteps.

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Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Trades


KPU is an SkilledTradesBC designated training provider, offering technical training in appliance service, automotive, construction, horticulture, electrical, parts and warehousing, plumbing and welding for registered apprentices. To get started, ensure your apprentice record is up-to-date with the SkilledTradesBC Portal.

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Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation

Employment and Community Studies

Future Students

50+ faculty members use their small class sizes and committed dedication to make their courses come alive with hands-on learning. These videos give you some idea of those experiences

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Work-Integrated Learning Initiatives


Learn about Funding Opportunities for Hiring KPU Students.

  • Co-operative Education

    Gain related work experience in your field of study that helps you acquire key specialty skills and clarify your career and educational goals and interests before you graduate.

  • Canadian Pilot Cohort

    The Canadian Pilot Cohort (CPC) of the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification Activating change in higher education, to advance community engagement as a mutual and reciprocal process.

  • Service Learning Assistants Program

    This award will advance a pilot program for service learning assistants, which will empower exceptional student-learners to help ensure service learning projects are transformative, meaningful, and reciprocal.

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For more than 40 years, Kwantlen Polytechnic University has provided students the skills they need for the careers they want. KPU offers a range of degree, diploma, certificate, and citation programs with opportunities for hands-on experience and experiential learning. We encourage students and external partners to work together since it gives students an opportunity to apply attitudes, skills, and knowledge in an employment or community setting.


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