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The purpose of Faculty Council is five-fold:

  1. To bring to the President and the University Senate matters of academic and educational policy;
  2. To monitor Senate actions concerning academic and educational policy;
  3. To provide a Faculty forum on matters of academic and educational policy;
  4. To develop rules for the governance, direction and management of the Faculty as well as its affairs and business; and
  5. To determine the courses of instruction in the Faculty.


  • Catherine Schwichtenberg, GNIE
  • David Florkowski, Dean
  • Lindsay Stroud, Support
  • Davinder Cheema, Professional Support Staff
  • TBD, Vice Chair
  • Harjit Dhesi, Associate Dean
  • Joan Boyce, BSN
  • John Yang, TCM
  • Harleen Deol, Senator
  • Laurel Tien, BSN AE, Chair
  • Marie-Louise Beck, Student
  • Michelle Clymo, HAUC
  • Nadia Henwood, Associate Registrar
  • Judith DeGroot, HCAP
  • Susan Power, BPN

PDF icon FoH Senate Approved Bylaws.pdf