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Bylaws and Policies

KPU Policies - Table of Concordance

Board of Governors Manual

Employee Code of Conduct

Policy No. Policy Related Policies
AC1 Advisory Committees
AC2 Guided Study
AC3 Program Review
AC4 Student Evaluation and Grading
AC6 Credit for Prior Learning
AC8 Principles of Academic Freedom and Responsibility
AC9 Essential Skills
AC10 Establishment, Revision, Suspension and/or Discontinuance of Programs / Procedures / Appendix A
AC11 General Education in Degree Programs
AC12 Naming, Academic Units / Procedures
AC13 Qualifications for Faculty Members / Procedures / Attachment
Policy No. Policy Related Policies
AD2 Complaints About Instruction, Services, Employees or University
AD3 Purchasing
AD4 Continuing Education and Contract Services
AD5 Honorary Degrees and Awards / Procedures
Admissions & Registration
Policy No. Policy Related Policies
AR1 University Calendar
AR2 Admission / Procedures
AR3 Confidentiality of Student Records and Files
AR4 Criminal Record Review
AR5 Dean's Honour Roll
AR6 Final Examinations and Grade Reporting for Courses
AR7 Graduation with Distinction
AR10 Priority and Scheduling of Registration / Procedures
AR12 Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing / Procedures
AR14 Standard for Academic Dress at Convocation / Procedures
AR16 Requirements for Graduation
AR17 Academic Schedule
AR18 Final Examinations and Overloads
Buildings and Property
Policy No. Policy Related Policies
BP1 Student Events Involving the Consumption of Alcohol
BP2 Student Events Held on University Premises / BP2A / BP2B - Indemnity Agreement
BP3 Public Art / Procedures
BP4 Campus Planning / Procedures
BP5 Use of University Property / Procedures
BP6 Energy Conservation / Procedures
BP7 University Space / Procedures
External Relations
Policy No. Policy Related Policies
ER1 Fundraising / Procedures
ER4 Partnership Program
ER6 Principles of External Alliance
ER7 Communication with the Provincial Government
ER8 Asset Naming Opportunities / Procedures
ER9 Political Fundraising Expenses
Financial Management
Policy No. Policy Related Policies
FM1 Financial: Annual Expenditure Plan
FM2 Management and Investment of Operating Funds / Procedures / Investment Policy Statement & Strategies
FM3 Investment of Endowment Funds
FM4 Fees for a Co-Operative Work Term/Semester
FM5 Business and Travel Expense / Procedures
FM6 Banking
FM7 Disposal of Surplus Assets
FM8 Student Tuition and Fees / Procedures
FM9 Financial Structure of Revenue Based Activities
Policy No. Policy Related Policies
GV1 Selection and Appointment of Auditors / Procedures
GV2 Protocol for the Development of University Policies / Procedures
GV4 Signing Authority / Procedures / Schedule of Signatures 1 / Schedule of Signatures 2
GV6 Use of Institutional Name, Coat of Arms, Crest, Logo, Seal and Other Graphic Images
GV7 Advisory Boards (Non-Program) / Procedures
GV8 Memorandum of Understanding/Letter of Intent / Procedures
GV9 Establishment and/or Discontinuance of Faculties and Departments / Procedures
GV10 Mission, Vision and Values Development and Amendment / Procedures
Human Resources
Policy No. Policy Related Policies
HR1 Conflict of Interest / Procedures
HR2 Reclassification Requests/BCGEU Staff
HR3 Processing Staffing Requests
HR4 Bereavement/Employees and Students / Procedures
HR5 Leave Without Pay/Regular Employees
HR6 Service Recognition
HR7 Representation by Kwantlen Polytechnic University Employees at Conferences and Related Activities
HR8 Employee Exchange/Secondment Leaves
HR9 Illness Leave
HR10 Workers' Compensation Board Coverage/Students
HR11 Search Advisory and Appointment of Administrative Positions / Procedures
HR12 Recruitment/Non-Posted Auxiliary Support Staff (less than 30 calendar days)
HR13 Support Staff Recruitment
HR14 Employment/Students
HR15 Diversity and Inclusiveness / Procedures
HR16 Employment Equity
HR17 Provision of References / HR17a - Consent for Release of Student Information
HR18 Job Accommodations for Employees
HR20 Search Advisory, Appointment & Re-appointment of Senior Academic Administrator Positions / Procedures
HR21 Respectful Workplace / Procedures
HR22 Presidential Search Advisory, Appointment and Re-appointment / Procedures
HR24 Protected Disclosure / Procedures
HR25 Search Advisory and Appointment of Senior Administrative Positions / Procedures
HR26 Responsibilities and Compliance Requirements for the Appointment and Termination of Administrative Staff / Procedures
Information Management
Policy No. Policy Related Policies
IM1 Copyright Compliance
IM2 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
IM3 Information and Educational Technology Usage / Procedures
IM4 Confidentiality / Procedures
IM5 Identification Cards
IM6 Guidelines for the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Weblog
IM7 Management of Surveys / Procedures
Policy No. Policy Related Policies
RS1 Research Involving Human Participants / Procedures
RS2 Integrity in Research and Scholarship / Procedures
RS3 Indirect Costs of Research / Procedures
RS4 Administration and Control of Research and Special Funds / Procedures
Safety, Security & Risk Management
Policy No. Policy Related Policies
SR1 Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages and the Non-Medical Use of Drugs on University Premises
SR3 Smoking
SR4 Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS)
SR5 Insurance/Students / SR5a - Final Release of Claims / SR5b - Final Release of Claims (Minor)
SR6 Insurance - Employees / Procedures
SR7 Safety and Health
SR8 Emergency Response to Inappropriate, Disruptive or Threatening Behavior
SR9 Violence in the Workplace
SR10 International Travel and Security
SR11 Travel Risk Reduction
SR12 Emergency Planning
SR13 External Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras / Procedures
Policy No. Policy Related Policies
ST1 Attendance and Performance in Individualized Continuous Intake Programs
ST2 Plagiarism and Cheating
ST3 Appeals of Academic Decisions
ST4 Picket Lines/Practicum and Work Experience Students
ST5 Work by Students in Vocational Programs
ST6 Minimum Academic Standards for Programs in Which Letter Grades Are Assigned
ST7 Student Conduct
ST8 Co-Operative Work Terms
ST9 Completion Time Limit for Co-operative Education Programs
ST10 Student Eligibility for Co-Operative Work Terms
ST11 Attendance and Performance in Semester and Other Term Based Courses
ST12 Academic Renewal
ST13 Compassionate Withdrawal
ST14 Services for Students with Disabilities
ST15 Student Access to Interpreting Services
ST16 Practicum Placements (Work Experience, Community Agency Visits)