Group Work Accommodations

Accommodations for group work include supports or alternatives for students to participate in group learning and projects.

What are accommodations for group work?    

Supports for group work may include direct instruction and resources assisting students in establishing group norms, identifying roles and responsibilities, setting timelines, and giving feedback. Accommodations for group work may include participating in group work virtually or asynchronously, providing options for how the work is shared and submitted, or replacing group work with an independent project. Accommodations such as interpreting, recording, note-taking may also be used in group work settings.

Why are accommodations for group work important?

Learning with and from each other is a valuable experience in adult education. It can be used to help students learn and demonstrate knowledge and skills. In some cases, working in a group may also be a learning outcome that is being evaluated. Either way, working in a group often relies on communication and social requirements that may create barriers. Accommodations for group work allow students to effectively participate in group learning and/or demonstrate group work skills.

Who might use accommodations for group work?

Students may be eligible for accommodations for group work if they have a disability that impacts attendance, concentration, focus, communication, and social interaction. Some examples of relevant disabilities include a chronic health issue, a hearing impairment, a Learning Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or a Mental Health Disability.

How do I support group work accommodations in my classroom?

Providing all students with direct instruction, structure, and resources before embarking on group work is considered to be a useful practice in the adult classroom. Wherever you can, incorporate choices into group work – timing, location, in-person/virtually, etc. – so that students have options that work to their strengths. Facilitate the use of listening devices, recorders, interpreters, etc. where needed. When group work is an evaluated learning outcome, articulate the subset of skills students are expected to learn/demonstrate to assist with accommodation planning.