Protection of Privacy

Students own their personal information and the decisions about sharing it.

We are all responsible to follow privacy principles, legislation, and policy when we work with students' personal information. Disability and accommodation information can be particularly sensitive for many students. Please review KPU's resources for Staff and Faculty to ensure you are protecting the privacy of student information.

Some ways we can all protect students' information as it pertains to accommodation planning include:

  • Remind students that they own their information and encourage them to make decisions about what information they share and with whom.
  • Set up your classroom and interactions with students in such a way that students with accommodations are not easily identified.
  • Invite students to participate in meetings with other staff and faculty so they can decide what personal information to share.
  • Obtain a student's permission before sharing their information.
  • Ask questions that focus on the information you need to know, such as how a disability impacts a student, rather than a diagnosis or details that are not relevant.
  • Remove identifying student information when asking a colleague to help with a student scenario or situation.

KPU Protection of Privacy