What to expect

You can expect to be welcome here.                                                                                        

Everyone at KPU brings different abilities and experiences. This improves the learning community for everyone. You may be experiencing illnesses, learning disabilities, or mental health issues that impact your learning. We want to help.

You can expect us to ask lots of questions.

We want to get to know you and will ask about your experience in school, any educational or medical support you've received, your goals for your time at KPU, and how you would like us to help. We review our Confidentiality Commitment with you, so you understand how we look after the information you share with us.

You can expect us to work together.

We work with you and your instructors to create an accommodation plan for you. Accommodations are changes in materials, activities, or tests that remove disability-related barriers. Some student use extra time to complete tests, interpreters, or assistive technology.

You can expect to use lots of different services at KPU.

There are many people at KPU who can help you meet your academic goals. Successful students connect early and often with other KPU services such as the Learning Center, Advising, Financial Aid, and Counselling.