Success Stories

Sasha YouDiana Orejuela
"Thanks to all my ELST teachers for their professionalism and support." [read more]

Sasha YouMaryam Alkaloo
"In ELS, I built my self-confidence and my negotiation skills in addition to the academic skills." [read more]

Emad AlrefaiEmad Alrefai
"Confidence and bravery are the two main qualities I have gained from studying English at KPU." [read more]

Hosam MansorHosam Mansor
"improved my time management as a worker and student… helping me to integrate more quickly in the community…" [read more]

Lyn NguyenLyn Nguyen
"To build a steady house, we need good bricks. So ELS provided me with a good background on which to build my career in Primary School Education." [read more]

Trevor Jiahao LinTrevor Jiahao Lin
"In these courses, I not only made progress in English but also learned some amazing Canadian culture and customs, which are very useful living in Canadian society." [read more]