Justin Stein

BA (Hamilton College), MS in Ed. (CUNY-Brooklyn), MA (Hawaii), PhD (Toronto)
Dr. Justin Stein
Surrey Office: Main 2850A
Richmond Office: 2485

Justin B. Stein, PhD, is an historian of religion who considers modern Japanese practices in transnational perspective. He joined the Asian Studies department at Kwantlen in January 2020 after a two-year postdoctoral fellowship sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science at Bukkyo University in Kyoto. His first monograph, Alternate Currents: Reiki's Circulation in the Twentieth-Century North Pacific, analyzes the development of the Reiki healing system as an "alternate current" circulating between Japan, Hawai'i, and North America. It also posits a category of "transnational spiritual therapies." which can be applied to other practices, such as yoga and mediation. He is currently researching how 1930s Buddhist youth associations in the British, Japanese, and American empires engaged with colonialism, and is editing a journal special issue on "transnational religious expressions" between East Asia and the United States. He has previously written on a nineteenth-century Zen meditation system that claimed to cure all illness and distress through restructuring the nervous system. You can read some of his scholarship at https://justinstein.academia.edu/

Scholarly Work