Scholarships and Awards

For more details on the awards below, please review the Scholarship, Bursary and Awards Guide. This guide contains important information such as complete descriptions of the awards that are available, award eligibility and specific requirements for certain awards (e.g. essays, proof of membership, etc.)​

KPU Asian Studies Experiential Learning Award ($500)

Each year, a faculty committee will grant this award to a student based on the quality of their experiential learning project completed for a 4th-year Asian studies course. These projects conduct original research of Asian diasporic communities in British Columbia, which may include fieldwork and/or archival research. The committee, made up of faculty in Asian Studies and related disciplines, will select the award winner based on the following criteria: (1) quality of research design (including research question, methods, consideration of research ethics, etc.); (2) quality of analysis (argumentation based on evidence, ties to prior scholarship, etc.); (3) quality of research presentation (written report and/or oral presentation); and (4) significance of results for scholar and for the broader community. 



  • Jinming (Derick) Cui, Rachael Hung, Tracey Macatangay ("Buddhism and Medicine: International Buddhist Society")


  • Jovan Birring ("Punjabi immigrants/settlers: Perceptions and Understanding about Indigenous People in the Context of Settler Colonial Canada")


  • AJ Aparto ("Am I Really Christian?")
  • Lina Kelly-Dockman ("Sōka Gakkai International: The Exploration of a Diasporic Religion through Lived Experiences")