Asian Studies

Asian Studies

Students joining KPU's Asian Studies Program will be introduced to a variety of diverse cultures across Asia and their connections to Canada and its local communities.

Asian Studies is a multidisciplinary program drawing on fields like anthropology, cultural studies, history, religious studies, and sociology. Students can choose an area focus - South Asia or East Asia - or a thematic focus, such as cinema, religion, diaspora studies, gender, or ethnicity.

In this four-year interdisciplinary program, students will not only acquire practical skills that they'll be able to apply in their local multicultural communities, they will also develop the intellectual and cultural competencies required to operate successfully in a world where the nations of Asia are increasingly influential.

In a contemporary globalized economy, the ability to combine Asian language skills with a critical understanding of the regions cultural and historical heritage gives students a competitive advantage upon entering the workforce.

In this interdisciplinary degree, students may choose from a number of disciplines in order to create a program that suits their interests and career goals. For language training, students have the option of choosing between East and South Asian languages such as Punjabi, Mandarin, or Japanese and may also be eligible to take part in exchanges with KPU's partner institutions in China, India, and Japan.

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