Future Course Offerings

Course Plan Summer 2024 - Summer 2025 

The Asian Studies program offers courses on a 2-year rotation. Please refer to one.kpu.ca for published course schedules. For more information about each courses visit our Course Calendar.

PLEASE NOTE: These courses delivery mode may be subject to change. Also, ASIA 4350: East and South Asian Canadian Communities is offered in alternate years (i.e., 2021, 2023, 2025) in the Spring Semester.

Course Number Course Name Summer 2024Fall 2024 Spring 2025Summer 2025
ASIA 1100Introducing ASIAXXXX
ASIA 1111The Religions of IndiaXXXX
ASIA 1311Religions of East Asia XX 
ASIA/LANC  2120 Introduction to Chinese and Japanese Cinema  X  
ASIA/LANC 2252 Indian Society Through Film  X 
ASIA 2290 South Asians around the Globe  X  
ASIA 2399 Readings in Asian Studies (Special Topics)   X
ASIA/HIST 2351 Opium, Alcohol, & Tobacco in Asian History & Culture X  
ASIA/HIST 2355The Chinese Overseas: A history of Chinese MigrationX X 
ASIA 3130 Sikh Culture, Religion and Society  X  
ASIA 3151 Gender in East Asia X  
ASIA 3152 Ethnicity in China and Japan  X 
ASIA 3153 Folklore of China and Japan X  
ASIA/LANC 3154Chinese Cinema and Society    
ASIA/LANC 3310Japanese Culture and Business X  
ASIA/LANC 3320Japanese Culture Through Film  X 
ASIA/LANC 3860South Asian Folklore X  
ASIA/LANC 3870Bhangra Movements and Identity  X 
ASIA 4350 Canadian East and South Asian Communities  X 

Special Topic Titles:

Summer 2025 - ASIA 2399 (TBA)