Student Opportunities

Experiential Learning

Each of the following courses contains an experiential learning component; that is, an opportunity to get real-world experience by doing research with human participants and in a real-world setting (museums, archives, etc.), with guidance from our KPU instructors: 

  • ASIA 2290 South Asians around the Globe: Students have an opportunity to venture out into the field to interview members of the community or a professional working in the community and analyze their findings in the light of the impact of government policy on immigrants and multicultural societies.
  • ASIA 2359 Tea in Asia: Students have an opportunity to engage in ceramic-making and tea ceremonies.
  • ASIA 4350 Asian Communities in Canada: This course is designed as an intensive experiential course. Students devise a community-based research plan, navigate the steps necessary to gain approval from the KPU Research Ethics Board (REB), then carry out the research, and report their findings to their classmates. This research is often done in light of current policy and policy considerations. Please take a moment to watch one of our students describe her experiential learning experience.

Anti-Asian Racism, Social Media Activism & Immigrant Identities: Analyzing the experiences of Young Filipino Canadian Women in the Age of COVID-19

Isabelle Tupas BA, Major in Asian Studies (2021)

Practicum Course 

Through the ARTS 4800 Practicum course our senior students apply the academic knowledge and analytical skills learned in the classroom in a workplace environment. For more information, please take a moment to watch our practicum informational video.


Possible community work placements for Asian Studies students:

Student Employment

KPU students are eligible for employment both on and off-campus. Please see Career Services for job posting and instructions for using Career Connection